"You may feel a sensation like you've wet yourself..."

Had my abdominal and pelvic CT today. I was so nervous I thought I would throw up. I hate drinking Barium. I think it's mostly in my head. Just knowing what I am drinking makes me gag. But this time it was "berry smoothie" flavor. That smelled and tasted better than the last time (I don't recommend the orange flavor), but I still gagged with every swallow. I drank a full bottle at bed time last night and half a bottle this morning an hour before my test. I was told to bring the other half bottle with me but they never had me finish it. I was SO HAPPY about that!

Last time the CT was for my liver. This time the test was being done "with contrast". No one warned me that meant I had to get an IV. I told the tech that I have no veins. They always get cocky with me and have to see for themselves. She cut off the blood flow in both arms, smacked me around a little, and finally gave up and ran for the doctor. Naturally, he was cocky too. He even stuck me a couple times saying "I was sure I had a vein there..." Sorry dude, but I warned ya. Eventually they went with Lucky. That's the vein in my hand that gets poked for everything; particularly blood work. Lucky hasn't let me down yet (and I told them that right from the start...they never listen to me).

That contrast stuff they injected was weird. The tech gave me a laundry list of potential side-effects and sensations including burning feeling at the injection site, throat, and/or chest, nausea, dizziness, a metallic taste in the mouth, and the sensation that you've wet yourself. Which ones did I get? Just dizziness and the sensation of wetting myself. Oh joy! It wasn't that bad, but signing those forms ahead of time stating you know this stuff could cause kidney failure, stop you from breathing or kill you...uh, yeah. That always scares the shit out of me.

I was so relieved when they pulled out the IV and told me I was done. 30 minutes on my back on a metal slab and I was in agony! My poor back. My spine curves inwardly. I don't do hard surfaces well.

So now I'm home. I'm dizzy, still a little nauseous but starting to recover from the anxiety attack I had in the car on the way home. I probably shouldn't have driven to the test alone. Live and learn.

OK. To change the subject and get my mind off all this medical crap, I thought I would share something funny. My husband was propositioned the other night by a woman he was chatting with on the internet. She offered to have his baby.

Let me explain. John has a medical condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP - it's a heart thing) and he is pretty actively involved in several support communities for folks with this defect and the associated "syndrome" symptoms. He's a really friendly and helpful guy full of useful information and the chicks in his forum like and appreciate all the help he has given them over the last year or so. I guess he's shared a lot of things with these people, including our battle with infertility. One lady was so moved by our story she offered to carry a child for us. Isn't that sweet?! It's not the first time kind women have made that offer. But it's typically been friends of MINE who offered.

Honestly tho, I'd be more inclined to accept the offer from my young, healthy, 20-something friends than a woman my age who has a heart condition. LOL But I do appreciate it when people offer to help. ;-)


jennifer said…
Well Becky, I've seen pictures of John. I'd offer too! I don't know why being a post-menopausal middle-aged woman also with MVP should deter me. :D

Glad you survived your hospital tests. The thought of even drinking that stuff makes me want to puke.

And doesn't it just bite your butt when these doctors and nurses look at us like we're stupid when we try to tell them about the bodies we live with every single day. I swear, one of these days, I'm gonna haul off and bitch slap one of them.
Cynthia said…
I'm just glad this thing is over. Medical people are always convinced they can get a vein. I give them one chance before they have to go get their "pro."
Anonymous said…
Hahah,you named your vein? LOL, I should do that, mine is the inside of my wrist. I swear once they got me over 20 times trying to get a vein. @@
I'm so glad the test is over. I've been thinking of you out here.
I'd carry your baby except, well, I'm not much of a better bet LOL. I have mvp too, plus the other list screwups and foulups my body throws at me.
IndigoSunMoon said…
Ugh! Don't you just LOVE having tests? Yuck!
Gail in MN said…
Okay, promise us that you will never again drive alone to another one of those medical tests!!! Your family and the blogging world does not want you passing out in a car....

Sometimes I think people in the medical profession are all hard of hearing because they never seem to understand what we just told them...
Astaryth said…
I'm just the opposite.... Dr and nurses always tell me I have veins that a drug addict would kill for. Heck, even the junior people can usually hit a vein on me. Unfortunately, since I DO have good veins they DO let people try on me and I usually end up with a bruise ROFL

Next time, get someone to drive you!! Even if a test isn't supposed to be tramatic, sometimes you have a different reaction than expected! Hope all the tests are good.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry you had to go though that test. Just the thought of Barium make me sick. It's pretty scary when they tell you all the side effects or what could happen durning the test. hope your feeling better now that you are home. Dawn
I'm sure it was no fun at all, but it should be worth it in the long run. LOL on your naming your vein! I don't have a single one that deserves the honor. Sometimes even the "expert" fails to get blood out of me. And I'm giving blood on Saturday, so I get to watch them play that game yet again.

Hang in there!

V said…
I`m just happy the testing is over.
Hang in there.
Laura said…
hurray for "Lucky"! Daniel has one of those too...and track marks that would shame a heroin addict. Okay, I'll bite. I have MVP, newly diagnosed 5 years ago altho they knew I had a murmur for 10 years which they figured was excess fluid/blood on board due to pregnancy/lactating state. What are the issues and concerns with this besides no more piercings for laura and prohylactic antibiotics before teeth cleaning and elective procedures?
I'm interested.
Anyway, hinky propositon! I would take the 20 something family member too altho mvp'ers have babies all the time with no issues, agfain we dose with antibiotics. But still ...eewwww! LOL
Keep us posted on the tests. k?

oh and ftr....only some medical folks are like that tech. I know my limitations and will get an IV goddess when faced with a challenge which for me is a vein thinner than a whisper thin thread barely visible to the eye. Ask for an anesthesiologist or a NICU RN next time.
Donna. W said…
I've heard it's easier for them to find a vein if you drink lots of water beforehand... but I'll bet you weren't allowed to drink water the morning of the test.
C said…
That is SO funny ...

... the proposition

... and you feeling like you wet yourself!

Emily Suess said…
Definitely don't go to tests like that alone if you can help it! It's obvious you're one tough cookie--there's no need to prove it! :)
Celeste said…
Do not do that again! Always take someone with you. I hope the tests are good.
One more comment, yes you are as real as they get when it comes to mothers!
Anonymous said…
Glad the tests are over.
My sister has had some health issues that could of (possibly) prevented her from carrying a baby.I told her I would carry a baby for her, if she couldn't.
( Ironic, since 3 of my kids are IVF)
Anonymous said…
Ugh, Barium is so nasty. Hope everything goes well with your scan. I'm with you on the whole heart problem thing and wanting to have your husband's child, ha,ha. I'm thinking that child would most definitely have a heart problem too.:)
Unhinged said…
Just wanted to let you know I was here and read this entry. Glad you made it. I'd have been scared shitless, too. So scared, in fact, that there's no way I would have gone by myself. Nope. No way.

You're my hero.
Kimberleigh said…
I can sooo relate to the barium, the hard table, the veinless body! I remember one time they stuck me 6 times and then asked me to come back the next day to "try" again! lol Thank goodness my Doc's nurse is a pro, one stick in the suicide vein (iside wrist) and she's done!

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