What Dreams May Come?

Sometimes I actually love my brain. Well, my subconscious mind anyway. When John came to wake me today, I was in the middle of a really weird but fun dream. It's probably a good thing John woke me when he did. If I had been allowed to wake on my own I probably wouldn't remember the dream, but I sure wish I knew what happened next!

I totally reserve all book and movie rights to this idea, by the way. LOL!

In my dream I was a psychiatrist. Actually the lead shrink working for a large pharmaceutical company. It was my job to screen candidates for various drug trials and to monitor their progress along with the medical doctors running the trials.

In this instance, the company was testing a new class of anti-depressant that was targeted to people with sleep disorders, specifically. All sounds pretty normal, right? Well, the test group takes an interesting turn. Out of a group of 350 test subjects, 5 end up with VERY unusual side effects from the drug. This new drug alters their brain chemistry SO completely it actually awakens some unused part of the brain and gives these five people super powers.

Since they all think they are going crazy, I am the only person they confide in. One woman's new mental powers enable her to levitate herself and other objects/people. One fellow can read minds. Another can affect people's perceptions and, in effect, he can become invisible. I convince them to keep their new gifts a secret for the moment and I form a group therapy group so they can all talk to each other about their feelings and the potential ramifications of these powers. Mind reader guy assures me that everyone in the group is a "good" person.

Somewhere along the way, they look to me for guidance on what to do with the rest of their lives because it doesn't look like their powers are going away. Even after they taper off and discontinue the use of the new drug. The entire group agrees with me that this particular side effect must be kept secret and that this drug must NEVER go to market. What if someone really evil takes it and ends up with a really dangerous mental power? I am able to convince the drug company (with the help of the woman who has the power to give people a mental "push" and make them see things her way) to stop research on this formulation because it has dangerous side effects.

There were so many funny parts to this dream. These formerly depressed and sleep deprived people are now feeling better than they have in years. They have a new found zest for life (and some have a wicked sense of humor). In group therapy we all laugh about pranks they have pulled on family members and the public at large. But all finally realize that these gifts could have world changing benefits if everyone in "group" decides to use their powers for the good of mankind.

But how do you go about becoming a superhero when you are a housewife? Or nerdy single guy who was clueless about women (but now can read their inner most desires)? How did the heroes in the comic books do it?

As a group, they decide it all starts with a GROUP. From there it was a matter of maintaining their secret identities and designing some sort of costume/disguise for every group member. This part of the dream was totally hilarious. One woman moaned that spandex would make her thighs look too fat. One of the men was dead set against using the color brown in his costume because that color was "unlucky" for him. I had found a non-English-speaking seamstress to help us dye fabric and stitch together various test models of costumes for the members. Apparently, in my dream, I could speak fluent Cantonese. (Our seamstress thought we were putting on a play.)

I was helping the female levitator test out a cool new blue and white striped costume design when it began to rain. While the blue dye bled into the white, the white strips simultaneously became transparent when wet. The woman was trying to concentrate to keep herself aloft while trying to hide the parts of her body that were suddenly exposed through the sheer wet fabric. It was at this point that John woke me up.

I wish I knew if this new group of would be heroes ever got their act together and managed to make a difference in the world.

I'd like to think they did...since I am a deeply optimistic person at heart.


Astaryth said…
What a cool plot line for a book!

Adventures of an Eclectic Mind
Heh. That's more coherent than most of my good ones. - K.
You know, I think with your leadership, they did get their act togrther, and help the world! I am jealous-I never have fascinating dreams like this one! Margo
TJ said…
Wow! What a dream, you told it so clear i almost thought I was there.
Hey you have music...cool!
I am optimistic for the most part...I do have my days however when you would have to wonderful.
Love TJ~
TJ said…
Oh dah...that last word was wonder not wonderful!! I guess i can't type and sing at the same time...Love the music!
V said…
So very coherent!
Sara said…
He he, I LOVE your dream!! They were like the X Men or something, and you were their leader ;o) Very cool!
Sara x
Anonymous said…
First off, what did you eat before going to bed?!!! Wow, what a dream....and second? I want one of your dream pills, Becky.
Love,lisa jo

"you bleed just to know you're alive"---awesome song!!
Tilly said…
Hi Becky,

That dream was a "blockbuster" in the making!!

I always get so irritated if my husband wakes me up, which he normally does, just when I'm about to "watch" the closing scenes.

I swear I've enjoyed some of my dreams more than hit movies!

Happy New Year to you.

Tilly x

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