Round Robin: Super Model

I had a totally brilliant idea in mind when I came up with this week's Round Robin photo challenge topic. The only problem is...the challenge was originally supposed to happen back in early December (I think), I didn't write down that brilliant idea, and I plum forgot what the heck I was planning to do. So I started from scratch.

Lucky for me I have a brilliant model with real star quality who happens to live with me. ;-) To this Mommy's extreme glee and delight, Tyler agreed to model the way cool Doctor's lab coat he got for Christmas. But I had to strike a bargain with him. He wouldn't have his picture taken unless *I* agreed to model my new Halloween themed night shirt (that I recently got on sale) so he could take MY picture too.

*ahem* NO I will NOT be posting the photos that Tyler took. He did a fab job, but I am no longer super model material. LOL

How serious he looks! He is preparing to give me a shot.

Dr. Tyler in his "ready for action" pose.

Ah my beautiful boy. He could be on the cover of American Baby or Parenting or star in an ad for the Sensational Beginnings catalog. ;-)

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Anonymous said…
I would say that you have a potential medical man in the family.
Anonymous said…
Oh beautiful he is!
Kimberleigh said…
He's gonna be a lady killer in a few years! lol
Absolutely adorable! :) - Karen
TJ said…
This is fabulous!! He could be on a cover!!!
You need to do one of those hard cover books from Kodak so he can have it when he is older!
I Love this...
Anonymous said…
Very handsome young man. Great choice of photos for the challege.
Carly said…
He is too cute. He would certainly mkae a wonderful model for childrens wear or costumes. Reminds me of Doogie Howser. :)
Sassy said…
Tyler looks great; definate Dr. potential! ;-) Thanks for the challenge. Sassy
Donna. W said…
He really is a beautiful child!
Anonymous said…
I wrote once about how scared i still am of the game "Operation".
Ty IS model material!! So handsome, so young!

Its NOT fair that you didnt post at least one of your pics he took! I think you are beautiful!
Luv, lisa jo
Dornbrau said…
Absolutely adorable! Maybe he'll consider taking you on as a patient. I'll bet he has better bedside manners than your other doctors!
oh Becky..perfect choice and it was a brilliant idea (Super Model RR challenge) he's sooo cute~
Journally Yours,
Gem :-)
Anonymous said…
Hey...share the pictures of you.:) You got a cute boy there. I like the coat!
DEREK said…
these are wonderful, I especially like what you did with the last phot, the glow around his doctor jacket and the effect on the background.
yea Tyler!!!!
Coy said…
Now that's a super model!
*** Coy ***
Photography said…
hello becky,

he's great, a supermodel potential. indeed you're blessed. nice shots too.

God bless.

Anonymous said…
I like those B&W shots.
Shari said…
Tyler looks so handsome in his Dr. Coat! I'm glad that you finally got him to put it on for you!
V said…
These are wonderful photos of your handsome boy!
Robbie said…
These are great pics! It's hard to believe how much your "baby" has grown. Time sure flies. Huh?

I hope all works well with you and your current medical problems. I have similar vein problems with "know-it-alls" not listening when I tell them where to poke. And, what they don't know is that I know how to draw blood from my days in the military so I also know what arrogant idiots they are being.


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