Doctors, doctors...everywhere!

In the spirit of starting the new year off right, I went to see my primary care doc a week ago for my annual checkup. As usual, I had a laundry list of concerns. The only difference? This time I actually SHARED them with the doctor. Normally, I decide at the last moment that the stuff I worry about is too stupid or ridiculous to mention.

Turns out a couple of the things I mentioned he was genuinely concerned about. He send me to a specialist on Friday and I have to also make an appointment for a sleep study to see if I have apnea. I guess my blood test results (I turned up anemic) and my other complaints were enough to worry the new specialist too. My new gastro-enterologist took a detailed history and was really horrified when I shared what I've been through with my endometriosis (and the subsequent surgeries). Then he examined me. My belly is hard as a rock. And not because I have those 6-pack abs from working out.

Nope. Looks like I am headed for a blockage and all the scar tissue and adhesions from the endo are to blame. If things stop moving all together? Well...I don't even want to think about that right now. The gastro doc has already told me I need surgery. "How soon" is the question I need answered now. I'll be scheduled for an abdominal and pelvic CT next week so the doc can get a better picture of what is going on in there.

The good news is the doc agreed to coordinate with another surgeon so when they do open me up, I can have my hysterectomy done at the same time. The fewer times I get put under the better. I don't like being intubated plus anesthesia and I don't respond well to each other. I really like the idea of getting all cleaned out in one fell swoop.

Maybe once this is all done and I've recovered, I'll be pain free for the first time in 20 years. I can dream, can't I?


Wow...sounds both a little scary and rather promising. Good luck! - K.
Anonymous said…
I know what having a hysterectomy will do to you emotionally and i sit here in tears for you, Becky. Wish i could come to the hospital that day and be there for you. I am SO sorry you are going thru all of this but i am PROUD of you for going and dealing and talking to these men. You ARE a strong lady!
LOVE, lisa jo
BosieLadie said…
OMG! I'm glad you opened up to the doc! They really are there to help us, but can only help if they know what's going on.

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy a couple of years ago. The pain, the mess, IS ALL GONE. It took time, lots of time, to recover. We can chat about that some place other than here in comments... IM me sometime.

I'm so glad you went to the doc and are starting to get things worked out. You'll feel much better once everything's taken care of.
Celeste said…
I am so glad you talked to the Doc! I am glad I had my hysterectomt. It took them a couple hours longer than they thought because of all the scar tissue from earlier surgeries. You will feel better.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear that you need surgery, but glad that you were able to talk with your doctor about your concerns. You deserve to be pain free. Dawn
Anonymous said…
I hope this gets worked out quickly. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
You are indeed courageouis to begin to take control of your health-I know just how difficult that is and how it always leads to more dr's appointments, and finding more stuff to do. And I am so sorry about the surgrey. I know that will be painful in a variety of ways, but having everything done at once is smart. Do you want to borrow my Warrior Woman persona for a while? Love, Margo
Carly said…
Hey Becky

I know how scary it can be to face health decisions. Hang in there, and keep us posted. You are showing a lot of courage to make this step. Good for you taking care of yourself.

Always, Carly
TJ said…
Ob Becky!!
I just went through all of that 5 years ago.
Had Endo, got a hystorectomy and they found cancer, had to back in and have a radical, 6 years cancer free now but now I have Chrones!
My hysto saved my life.
I am thinking about you...
get fixed up so you can be comfortable. Painfree would be a great change huh?
(Hugs) TJ
Unhinged said…
Well, I sure hope that after all of this you ARE pain free. {{{Becky}}}

Let us know what day and time your surgery is so we can send you powah vibes at that specific time!

(Yeah, I'm cheesey that way.)

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