Where is the @%*#! expiration date?!

Does anyone know how long an unopened bottle of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice Cocktail will keep? You know...that festive drink we wusses purchase because we have a spouse who doesn't consume alcohol and we're afraid to try and consume an entire bottle of champagne on our own? It's been in the back of my fridge for a long long long time. Let's put it this way...I think it's from 1998 and there is no website listed for Welch's anywhere on the label. Versus the pretty new two-pack of Welch's that Santa brought me...the label says copyright 2005 and there IS www.welchs.com, clear as day, printed on there. Hmm.

The logo remains the same, but I do like the pretty new Currier & Ives'esqe design better. Should I drink it? Maybe it has fermented into real champagne by now.
If I post anything weird later today...blame the Welch's.


Astaryth said…
Hmmmmm...... Well, I'll go out on a limb and say that if there isn't a expiration date, AND it looks/smells o.k. that it is fine. But, I'm the one who won't drink the milk if it's past the exp date no matter how good it looks/smells (Yeah, Yeah, I know, it's the date it has to be sold by, but still.........LOL)
Adventures of an Eclectic Mind
BosieLadie said…
I don't know... I think if I had new ones, I'd toss the old one and drink the new ones. Just my opinion. ;)
alphawoman said…
I'd toss it.

Happy New Year!
I think it goes sour after a much shorter time than your antique bottle....... keep it for a science project for your little one at school:):):)
jennifer said…
Well shucks, even beer has a born on date. Go ahead and drink it. Then blog about it. We'll tell you whether it's good or not.


p.s. Go ahead and get a bottle of the real stuff. The blog about it. We could have material for MONTHS!!!

Shari said…
I am really no hope I usually put down the bottle of real stuff myself :) Pete doesn' drink either, lol
We have a bottle of some weird liquer that we got back in college that has turned into syrup that the DH has not thrown away, for some weird reason of his own...

love, Kas
TJ said…
Your flickr photos are precious...
Happy Days ..I never heard it before. Throw the welshs back under the sink and wait for wine.LOL
Anonymous said…
I have no idea but i remember selling that stuff at work and i remember the label. Dont make yourself sick!
Love, lisa jo
Sara said…
Welch's :o) How fabtastic, that was my maiden name you know, Welch. Can't help with the use by date thing, but this entry made me smile - ooh, married name, Smiles, lol!
Sara x
Anonymous said…
Becky? Are you ok? Did you drink it? Are you sick? Is everything alright?
Hi Becky,
Gem here :-)
I was gonna asks "how are you?" guess all I have to do is read your post lol! so..did you find the expiration date? I don't have a problem with that because drinks like that doesn't last a day in my house lol!
lovely journal home you have here...and I like your about me section--down to earth~ ;-)
I'll be back soon!
Journally Yours,
Gem :-)
Unknown said…
Lol I've had the same exact bottle since I was married 19 years ago May 2020.I was wondering if it was still good or not also.
Anonymous said…
Have tha same problem ex.date 03/15/06
Is it Still a Non Alcoholic drink or have it turnt in2 Wine?

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