Weekend Assignment #81: Favorite Sci-Fi Movies

Weekend Assignment #81: Share one of your favorite science fiction movies. Note that this doesn't have to be the "best" science fiction film ever, or the most popular, or the most significant; it doesn't even have to be a good science fiction film. It just should be a science fiction film you enjoy watching over and over again -- the kind that always sucks you into the couch whenever it's on TV.

Extra Credit: Who is the coolest science fiction character ever? Note that this character doesn't have to be in the film you've selected as your favorite -- consider the entire genre.

OK John, now you're talkin' my language! I haven't done the weekend assignment in a while because, frankly, they haven't really applied to me or inspired me to write anything. This one is another story!

We just adore Sci-Fi in this house. To pick just one movie to share...that's tough. I love so so very many of them. Hang on a moment while I scan down my DVD racks...


Titan AE, 12 Monkeys, The Net, CrossWorlds, Dark City, Pitch Black, The Running Man, Blade, V The Original Miniseries, Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Dune, The Cell, Hackers, Mars Attacks, Austin Powers (hey, it has time travel), Heavy Metal, Terminator, Demolition Man, Galaxy Quest, Judge Dread, Blade Runner, Wicked City, The Cat from Outer Space, Independence Day...AH!

Total Recall! We have a winner. Man, I love this movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, I looked at the jewel case for the spelling of his last name) is an average joe trying to earn a living at manual labor. He has always dreamed about taking a trip to Mars, but he can't afford it.

He sees a commercial for a travel company called "ReKall" during his daily commute. They offer to implant the memoryof a vacation right into your brain. It's like you were really there! And much cheaper than actually going.

He decides to go for it. The twist? He has already BEEN to Mars and his memory was erased...replaced with a new identity. Everything goes to hell in a hand-basket after this. I won't spoil it for you if you've never seen it before. The special effects...the scenery...the story...the's all fantastic!

Oh yeah...Sharon Stone is in this film too (she plays his wife...her first major film role? Nah...King Solomon's Mines was...also a fun flick) for you male readers who dig pretty blonds who kick ass on screen. ;-)

As an aside...I've always wondered who the guy was on the escalator who ends up being used as a human shield. And the woman who plays the exploding head. I'll have to check IMDB to see if there is any info.


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