Had a nice surprise today. Found out the local fire department was paying a visit to Tyler's I ran home for my camera and hung out for the action. Did you honestly think I would pass up an opportunity to photograph cute firemen? I didn't think so!

Pictures from today can be seen here.

I also paid a visit to Lowes to buy some pots of mums (purple, of course) for my front steps. I can't wait to get some real landscaping done. We've been in this house for 11 years and have basically done NOTHING. I figure we owe this house 10 years worth of upgrades.

Ten years. It staggers the mind! While I was at Lowes looking at the various offerings for Fall planting, I contemplated what ten years really means. I thought about the passage of time from age 10 to 20...20 to 30...and now, 30ish to 40 has been spent in this home. It seems like just yesterday the house looked like this:

And now it looks like this. Posts and front door are badly in need of painting, the whole house needs a good power washing, the over-grown shrubs need clipping (or removing), the roof looks worn and faded... my pretty "new" house has warts.

And so we reach a cross roads in the life of our home. Do we stay and invest some serious money in much needed upgrades? Or do we just do the minimum to improve curb appeal and sell/move? Just a couple months ago I was ready to pack my bags and relocate in a heartbeat. Now I'm not so sure. I find myself thinking of all the things we could do in order to stay put.


Could I actually be forming a *gasp* attachment to this house?! That's never happened to me before.


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