This week has actually been rather productive! If you can't tell from my past journal entries, I tend to be rather non-productive. Why? My priorities are out of whack.

What I should be doing:

1. Picking up the clutter so that -

- the rugs can be shampoo'd
- I'll be able to call Merry Maids and get some help around here.
- get my hardwood floors installed
- I can mop the entire kitchen floor instead of just parts of it.

2. Shopping for some clothes for my vacation.

3. Purchasing some more baskets to contain above mentioned clutter.

4. Getting Tyler some wintry shoes (rather than sneakers).

5. Finally ordering the new furniture covers for the living room so I can get rid of the ratty stained off-white ones.

6. Washing my winter bedding so that the summer blankets can be put away.

7. Doing laundry, period, so I have something to wear on Friday (tomorrow is covered.)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. But hark! Guess what I DID do this week?!

I stopped at Harold's Landscaping on Monday, bought 2 huge inflatable lawn decorations (one for Halloween and one for Christmas) AND scheduled a consultation and estimate to have our yard redone!!!

Guess who showed up today?! A young and gorgeous Mr. Clean. Wowszers...was he hot. And hairless. I really enjoyed showing him around my...yard. Whee! I can't believe we are finally getting an estimate on making this yard, front and back, pretty and livable. I hope by next spring, Tyler will have all new backyard space with a BIG fort/climber/swingset thingy to play on. And I will have the pretty front walkway I've always wanted. With steps! And lights! Like this:

Except...the walkway and steps will go along the front of the house and not straight toward you like in this pic. But same pavers and lights. And a retaining wall on the right side of the house just like the one pictured (the steps will run up in front of it).

And a patio in my backyard outside our slider! And steps going down into the new lower yard (which is currently all woods).

Dare I say it? Mr. Clean told me we DO have room for a pool down there.

I gotta calm down before I hyperventilate.


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