I think it's no secret to my regular readers that I am of rather, er, generous proportions. Mmm boy I do love my junk food! (A little TOO much, I'm afraid.) But what you may not know is, I also have an educated and refined palate and appreciate the finer culinary tastes usually reserved for the well-to-do.

Fine imported champagne, caviar, truffles, foie gras, delicately smoked salmon...and, of course, chocolate. These items are not frequently sampled in our relatively modest middle-class home (contrary to my seemingly lavish spending, of late). I could SO easily be a wealthy woman. I find the lifestyle very appealing. If only the darn PowerBall lottery would cooperate...but I digress.

On occasion, a delicacy will come to my attention and I will become fixated for a time. I am consumed with the desire to buy, cherish and hog this item all to myself. MINE! You can't have any! Ahem. Such an item has been taunting me; haunting my every waking moment since I first saw the pretty gold embossed catalog in my mail announcing it's impending arrival at one of my favorite shops. What is it, you ask? What is this delectable morsel on the forefront of my brain, keeping me awake at night? Look at the glory that is...THE G COLLECTION:

Oh, people. Godiva has really done it this time. Not only is this chocolate gorgeous to look at, but I can just imagine its succulent flavors melting on my tongue. And that BOX! Rare East African Wenge wood and vanilla birch inlays...stunning! My credit card finger is itching to punch in those memorized digits and order me up one of these $350 indulgences. Ulp. Yes, $350 for a box of chocolate. I'm crazy. Seriously. Nuts to even consider it. No, I haven't ordered it...............yet.


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