I thought briefly about not moving this entry from my old journal to my new one. But my SIL already hates me, knows I hate lamb, knows I suffer from PMDD and the resulting hormonal imbalance turns me from a normally easy going, fun loving, patient, and tolerant woman into a raving loon but she chooses to ignore that fact and take my insanity fueled rants as GOSPEL truth...blah blah blah. So here it is. Christmas of 2004, warts and all.
AOL just ate my Christmas journal entry, so I will briefly reconstruct.

1. Ty was overjoyed at the sight of his Santa gifts...all was caught on film by John. Video entry to follow later. This was the best part of the day.

2. I nearly ran out of time to bake my contribution to the day's feast, so I scrambled to prepare my potato puffs, pigs-in-a-blanket and other nibbles.

3. We were late in picking up my MIL and hence late to arrive at my BILs.

4. Tyler had NO interest in opening more gifts. He just wanted to play in their finished basement. My MIL was NOT pleased with Ty's reactions to his presents after we forced him to stop playing and open a few packages. What did she expect?

5. My SIL made LAMB for dinner (sucking up to MIL, no doubt. Lamb is her favorite). Who the hell ever heard of having LAMB on Christmas? Bleech! And asparagus, brussel sprouts and stewed potatoes??? Yikes.

6. Tyler ate NOTHING. Not even a roll. All day.

7. Aunt Flo came for a most unwelcome visit. I was not prepared. I should have been, considering my mood all week.

8. Once presents and eating was over, Tyler's mood lifted and he played nicely with his cousins. I was ready for a long winter's nap.

9. Feeling guilty, John stopped at McDonalds on the drive home. I said let the boy go hungry. He needs to learn to eat what is placed in front of him. We won't always be going out to get his favorite foods. I don't want to reward that kind of bad behavior.

10. The last version of this entry was much funnier and much less cranky sounding.

11. I need some Midol and a tranquilizer.

12. Lamb. What the hell! Does anyone have any left over turkey I can have?

13. I am alone. The boys went with my MIL to visit Great Grandma in the nursing home today. 99 years old. Amazing. They are going out for Chinese food after their visit.

14. I'm hungry.

15. I'm tired.

16. I'm cranky.

17. I'm crampy.

18. I'm tired of typing. Merry Christmas all. Nap time. Oh the photo below for more pics of our family Christmas, if you're curious. No photos of lamb. Sorry.


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