Since the husband was off at an evening work function, I thought tonight would be a good time for a Mommy and Baby night out ("Mooooommmmyyyyy! I'm a BIG BOY now!" Right. Sorry Ty.) After a late afternoon nap, I got us bundled up against the chill and we headed out in the van. The plan? Pick up some dinner at McDonalds and eat in the car while driving around town checking out the Christmas lights.

After getting Tyler set up with dinner on his special car tray, we cruised around checking out my favorite homes in and around town. I had been checking out the houses for a few weeks now and had selected my favorites. Tonight was the perfect opportunity to take photos of them. Tyler really seemed to enjoy nibbling on his chicken nuggets and apple slices while Ooo'ing and Ahh'ing at the pretty lights. He would instruct me to stop and take pictures of ones he liked as well. Click the photo below or HERE to see the best of the best from our little jaunt this evening. I should make a "prize" and go pop it into these folks' mailboxes. They really went all out. It's a joy to see.


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