3 Question Challenge...Answers

OK Folks! It's now time to complete the "Three Question Challenge"! I asked you, my lovely readers, to ask me any three questions you liked. Here they are, in the order in which they were received with my responses in RED:

why? Because.
what? Anything I like.
where? Any time I like.
Comment from sdrogerson - 12/10/04 2:15 PM

1. Did he pop any of the balloons? No he did not. We played lots of balloon keepie-uppie, and most of the balloons ended up floating down the steps and into my laundry room...where they remain to this day.
2. Have you tried the sugar-free Hershey's? No. Sugar-free sweets are a blasphemy to me. I just won't do it.
3. Have you picked a name? Yes I have...for a girl. I do not have a backup name for a boy, however.
PS What is the average wingspeed of a fully-laden African swallow? Well, a detailed analysis of an unladen African (and European) swallow can be found HERE. I believe in his alternate theories section, the fully-laden question is also addressed with a coconut being the payload of choice.
Comment from mavarin - 12/10/04 2:29 PM

If you were a super hero...
1. What would your super hero name be? Zaftig Woman
2. What would your super power be, and would you use it for good or evil? I would have the power to bread and deep-fry anything with my eyes; a sense of super-smell that would help me track down my favorite treats with just one whiff, the skill to create delicious masterpieces out of any inedible ingredients, and the ability to mesmerize my foes with the hypnotic jiggle of my blubbery body. I would totally use my powers for good...feed the starving masses and all that.
3. What would your superhero outfit consist of?! Black spandex cat suit (it's slimming, you know) with a hot pink "big shirt" over the top that said Zaftig Woman in big gold glittery letters across the chest.
Themed questions!
Comment from sarajanesmiles - 12/10/04 2:43 PM

1. What is your proudest moment? Hmm. Perhaps the day I was promoted from the clerical ranks to my first Management position. Or the day I stood at the altar to marry the man of my dreams in front of all our friends and some of my family. Or the day I sent out my first combo birth announcement/Christmas card to show our beautiful baby boy to the world. Or the time my English professor asked me for permission to publish some of my short stories in the school's prestigious literary magazine...ack It's too hard to pick just one. I felt the same swell of pride in my chest for each of these events.
2. Where would you live if you couldn't live where you are now? Why? If I had a choice? We would move to Maui and live in that cute housing development across the highway from Lahaina. Why? The pretty neighborhood, great weather, proximity to the beach, low stress lifestyle...oh so many reasons.
3. If you had to have one job for a day other than being a SAHM, what would it be? Job for a day, eh? Hmm. I think I would love to be a respected professional photographer assigned to cover the Oscars. All the big stars would want their picture taken by MOI. Yeah. That would be fun.
Comment from valphish - 12/10/04 5:37 PM

1. What is the worst choice you ever made and why? This is a hard one. I like where my life ended up and if I make any changes to my past, things would be very different now. I can say I regret my choice of college (the first one)...I should have gone to school further away from home. I wish I had gone to my friend Kathleen's house to have lunch the day she begged me to come over...but I was having a bad day at work and chose to ignore her pleas. She was gone forever by 2pm that day (read my first journal entry to find out more.) Perhaps my decision to NOT PUT DOWN THE DAMN FORK while I ate my way to morbid obesity? Now there is a bad choice. I'd say that about covers my share of worst choices.
2. If you could do one thing to affect the entire world, what would you like it to be? Hmm. Change the world, eh? Well...for starters, I would like to become a bridge of peace between the extremist factions of the Muslim faith and all other faiths. Learn to live in peace and put an end to terrorism in the name of religion. That would do for a start.
3. What is your favorite possession in the whole world? Well...I love my jewelry. But I don't use/wear it as much as I used to. I love my van. But not as much as I used to love my old Contour. I love my camera...I use that a whole lot. I guess if you go by things that I use every day and LOVE, I'll go with my computer. I couldn't live without it. ;-)
Comment from judithheartsong - 12/10/04 6:15 PM

1) Do you talk to traffic while you're out driving? Letting people know how you feel about their driving, but where they can't hear you. OMG yes...all the time. I yell "Where'd you learn how to drive, bonehead!" or "Get the heck out of my way, you idiot!" and other choice phrases. I've cleaned up my language and hand gestures a TON since Tyler came along. Calling someone a bananahead instead of some other choice 4-letter term isn't quite as satisfying, but I'm making due. ;-)
2) When you need time to yourself, what is one of your favorite things to do? Just like right now...I like sitting in a quiet darkened room and writing in my journal by the glow of my monitor. I also love to sleep or read by myself in bed.
3) Besides your husband and son, are you a huggy/touchy type of person with others? Or do you have boundaries? Your sacred bubble of space. I am a very huggy/touchy person with people I know and love. I tend to be uncomfortable if people I don't know well (or at all) hug me. I do have that "zone" around me. Don't come into my space uninvited. LOL
Comment from poetmom1968 - 12/10/04 8:30 PM

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Lately I've had a yen to go to Australia.
2. What would you do there? I'd like to see the Great Barrier Reef (go snorkeling), Ayer's Rock, do the bridge climb in Sydney, visit a diamond mine, explore the national parks and hold a koala...stuff like that. :-)
3. What one person would you want with you? My husband, of course. But Tyler has to come with us too. World travel is a GREAT learning experience for kids.
Comment from slowmotionlife - 12/12/04 12:37 AM

why haven't you bought the chocolates yet? LMAO My shopaholic self wants to...soooo badly. But my more reasonable side has successfully talked me out of it (thus far).
Comment from ann7inflorida - 12/13/04 5:41 AM

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hawaii (see above). LOL
2. What is one talent you don't have, but wish you did? I would love to be able to draw REALLY life-like sketches. I really admire that sort of "photographic eye". I would also love to be able to play the piano or guitar. Just plop down at a party and play and sing. I always love it when other people do that.
3. What is one personal (just for you) goal you have that is a challenge, but you intend to reach? I intend to finish one of the three college degrees I've started along the way.
Comment from cneinhorn - 12/13/04 8:30 AM

OK! Whew! Last call...any one else have any questions for me? :-)


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