First Dance

What song did you dance your first dance to at your wedding?

We had so much drama leading up to our wedding day that it made the decisions for the day itself seem almost EASY. The music was a real no-brainer. I'd been to see several wedding bands with a friend who was planning her wedding and that experience alone made me realize that all wedding bands SUCK. Unless you are wealthy and can get Green Day or Live or Metallica or someone to play at your reception, a DJ is the only way to go.

Lucky for us, the DJ was a friend of the family so we could be royal pains in the butts when it came to choosing our music. We had to loan him a bunch of our own CDs because our musical tastes were, well, not standard wedding fare. John wanted the B52s, Ramones, Edgar Winter...yadda and I wanted a bunch of metal ballads, some ska, some big band, some punk, some 50s classics...ya know, my standard eclectic variety. I came upon "our song" by accident. I just heard it on MTV one night and the words were just perfect. I played it for John and he agreed. It was a great song and perfect to dance to. There was even a mellow acoustic version. The song? Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse.

I hope this works! Download and listen to it here.

What songs DIDN'T I want the DJ to play? Oh MAN I got specific. I told Pat (our DJ) that under NO circumstances was he to play The Chicken Dance, The Bunny Hop, The Electric Slide, Hava Nagila, or any other crap wedding "standard". Guess what? My guests vetoed me. They pestered and pestered until I finally agreed to let Pat play them. Damn! I am too easy. Oh well...I have to admit that after 2 glasses of champagne and some wine, doing the Bunny Hop, Electric Slide, and the Funky Chicken was kinda fun. I think Pat even played Hava Nagila at our friends' Jeff and Beth's request. Oh well. You only get married once, right? Heh heh!


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