Another entry for the dream diary:

OK, this dream from last night is even stranger than the one below! I dreamt I was at work. This is not uncommon. I seem to dream of old coworkers and former offices pretty often. This time I was at my old AT&T office from back when I was working as a software support person...except that the office building was somewhat distorted in my dream (things on the wrong floors, ramps where there never were ramps before, "regular" meetings that never happened).

For some reason I had my son Tyler with me. (He wasn't born back when I worked in this particular job.) A former coworker, Renee, and I were on our way to a daily 8am meeting (we never had daily meetings in reality...and certainly not at 8am!) and I told Tyler to run ahead to the conference room. A ramp appeared out of nowhere and Tyler ran up it and into the conference room. The ramp vanished before Renee and I could take it, so we were forced to look for an elevator. The only problem was, the elevators were not located where they were supposed to be. By the time we found our way to the meeting, it was over and my old boss was playing with Tyler.

I brought Ty back to my office and suddenly decided I needed to pack up a lot of my things into a box and bring it home - I was thinking it would be easier when I decided to quit to not have so much stuff to bring home at once. (I never had thoughts of quitting when I was in this job in reality...) Tyler ran out of the office and into the hall, but I didn't seem concerned. Suddenly a bunch of former coworkers came in with a cake with blue and white frosting. They gave me gifts and asked to feel my belly. I knew I was dreaming at that point, but I wasn't able to change what happened. Everyone kept putting their hands on my belly to try and feel the baby moving (and there was movement!) They were all under the impression I was pregnant and this was a baby shower.

I ate cake and realized I was really hungry. Renee and I decided to find Tyler and head for the cafeteria to eat. Ty was playing in a fountain in the lobby (there did used to be a fountain there, but it didn't look like the one in my dream). We took a ramp down to the cafeteria and Renee volunteered to sit with Tyler while I got us some food. I found a tray and plate and beganchecking out the various hot buffet offerings. The food was all strange. Potatoes wrapped in spinach or cabbage leaves, some kind of herb crusted lamb roast, a hot and cold yogurt dispensing machine (I took some of this for Tyler), a fresh fruit display (but the pears had skin like an orange and the grapes were too small other strange things), I ended up taking some cut fruit that was just a garnish for other items...1/4 of a pear, a couple strawberries, some blueberries. I asked for 2 slices of the lamb, but the woman didn't know how to cut it and gave me very small pieces. My plate was full, but the more I walked around, the smaller my plate and portions got. They shrank every time I looked away (Interpretation of this part: I'll bet this has something to do with dieting.)

It was taking too long to get the food so I thought I better hurry and get the plate to Tyler before the food vanished. I got to the register and my purse was gone (I remembered leaving my office with it over my shoulder). The cashier started doing some elaborate counting routine with the change in her tray and I finally just took the plate and walked away.

Things are getting a little fuzzy, but Tyler was not at the table when I arrived with lunch. Renee told me someone took him. She told me who and where. So I ran out of the building, got into my car (except it wasn't my car) and I drove into the forest. Forest gave way to desert and I parked outside a house that looked like it was made of mud. I let myself in the back door, went through the kitchen and into a bedroom. There was a girl there. I knew her and asked how she was doing. Apparently she was an old friend who had been ill. She seemed uneasy but happy to see me. I told her I was looking for my son and couldn't stay long. I left and went down some stairs to leave the house via the front door. The girl's father came out of the shadows followed by his wife. The wife was crying and asking him to stay inside. I opened the front door and the sunshine pierced the gloom of the entryway to reveal that the dad was horribly disfigured. It looked like his skin was blistered and partly melted. His brow was thick and his teeth had cut through his upper lip, splitting it in two places. I thought I saw fangs.

I said hello to my friends' parents and tried to act like everything was normal. I didn't want them to know I was afraid. I walked out onto the front walkway and the Dad followed me. His wife was screaming for him to come back inside. When the sunshine touched his flesh, his skin began to smoke. I immediately thought vampire to myself and kept walking.

I got back into my car and drove until I encountered a group of men with two people tied up in a cart. One was the disfigured Dad and the other was Bobby Brady (from The Brady Bunch). This was a young version of Bobby...he looked to be around 8 years old. The men took their prisoners out of the cart and they tied the Dad to a stake in the center of a large pile of wood...a pyre. They took Bobby and place him in the center of another pyre but didn't tie him up. One of the men took out a scroll and made some kind of legal pronouncement and condemned the Dad to death for being a vampire. They said something about stemming the tide of the infection before it could spread. They lit the pyre to burn the Dad and turned to Bobby.

They lit Bobby's pyre also, but because he wasn't tied up, he just laughed. His eyes glowed with blue light and he told them the Dad wasn't the origin of the infection, HE was! And he lept from the fire and sank his teeth into the neck of one of the men.

At this point, I remembered I was still looking for Tyler, so I just drove away in my car. The last thing I remember hearing was one of the men screaming that Bobby needed to be captured and brought to Eqypt. I thought to myself, WHY EGYPT?! That's for mummies, not vampires...and I woke up.


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