Some of you may have guessed by now that "The Stud" I've been writing about is my husband, John. I had a few years of growing up to do before he would consider settling down with me...but I had a feeling right from the beginning that he was the one. Here are a few photos from the dating years:

The ones from New York City...funny story there. I knew my parents would NEVER let me run off to NJ to visit a guy for the weekend that I had only seen in person 3 times. They never did understand the whole "online" portion of our courtship. Plus I stayed at John's mother's house in their guest room (perfectly innocent). So, I lied and told them I was visiting my former roommate Jennifer for the weekend. Only problem was, I forgot to call Jennifer and tell her that she was my cover story. My cover was blown something like this:

[sound of payphone ringing in hallway of Dormatilla]


"Can I speak with Rebecca Rogers please."

"She doesn't live here anymore."

"I am aware of that. She is staying with her friend Jennifer Kelly."


"Hello? This is Jenn..."

"Jennifer? This is Rebecca's Mother. Can I speak with her please?"

"Huh? She's not here..."

Mother, sounding alarmed, "What?! She told me she was staying withyou this weekend!"

"Huh? OH! Becky!! Sure...uh...she' the shower. Can I have her call you back?"

"Jennifer. She's not really there, is she."

"Huh? Oh...uh...she might be! I just haven't...uh...seen her. Maybe she is staying in the dorm with someone else cause she...uh...couldn't find me?"

Thanks for trying, Jenn. I was SO freaking BUSTED. But it was SO very worth it. I'm glad I got to see the World Trade Center Towers from the observation deck at least once in my life.


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