Ya know, I used to be much more of an Olympics watcher when I was younger. I loved watching women's gymnastics, men's gymnastics, men's diving (love those Speedo's, fellas), and in the winter Olympics - the figure skating. Even back at the height of my viewing days, I wasn't what you would call a "fan". I didn't know the names of most of our team members. I didn't check the schedule to find out when my favorite events were on (thanks to McDonalds for doing all those Olympics related contests where you could win food and prizes if the event on your ticket was a winner). I would just tune in at random and see if something I liked was on. I've been lucky that way! I've caught some really amazing Olympic moments.

Tonight was no exception. I happened upon Men's Gymnastics and found myself routing for the Korean guys. They seemed to really be kicking butt! The announcers had all but given up on the Americans. Then Paul Hamm did the unbelievable! He came back after this gasp inducing screw up on the vault to WIN the men's all-around gold medal. His last routine on the high bar cinched it. It was such an amazing routine, I actually started to well up with tears when he stuck his landing. I knew at that moment that I had witnessed something amazing. Even Paul, himself, didn't believe it when his trainer told him he won the gold. He won by 12 one thousandths of a point! Whew!

One last thought before I change the channel again trying to find something else to watch... Why are the Men's gymnastics floor routines so wooden and mechanical looking, while the women's are so fluid, artistic and accompanied by music?? It seems so sexist. Oh well. I still love it all.


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