Regarding the term "grease" in a previous entry (the nose picking one)...perhaps a little explanation is in order.

Since the moment Tyler was born, his Dad and I have been making up nonsense songs to sing for every task we did/do. There were bottle feeding songs, diaper changing songs, bathtime songs...and there is where you will find a critical bit of information.

No bath time is complete without my stirring rendition of "Singing in the Bathtub" with the following lyrics:

Washing Tyler's pee pee...and Tyler's bum.
Next comes a hair wash...Now we're almost done.
Scrubbing the left foot...and his right to boot.
Say tons of prayers now...hope he doesn't pooooooop.

After a brisk towel dry, Tyler gets the following tune:

Greasing the baby, GREASING the baby,
greasing the baaaaaby riiiiight now. Now we
are greasing the baby...greasing the baby riiiIIIght now.

Sung to the tune of "Oh My Darling, Clementine" as we apply a liberal amount of baby lotion. Oh my yes...with Tyler's sensitive skin and case of infant eczema, we grease him up good.

Now you know what Tyler was talking about when he said he was "putting grease on Daddy".

Oh, and the first ditty is one of mine. The greasing ditty was a Daddy creation. I think my lyrics are better. ;-)


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