Tyler requested his favorite kind of chicken tonight, for dinner. You can check out the recipe below, it's very easy to make and super tasty. But that's not really what inspired me to start a post right now. Instead, it was the conversation that happened after I took the chicken out of the oven and plated it.

I painstakingly placed 4 chicken tenderloins onto a paper towel lined plate. These 4 were more heavily seasoned and needed to drain.  Then I put the remaining 4 on another plate. These were more lightly seasoned. I called my youngest in to enlist his help.

Me: "Max, take this plate to your brother, please."

Max: "Mmm! No. I want this [points] plate. Ty can have the other ones."

Me: "Uh, no. Those are for your brother."

Max: "Why??! These look bigger and more appetizing. They look better than those! Why can't I have this plate full?! [continues pointing]"

Me: "Sigh. Those have been draining on a paper towel because your brother won't eat moist or wet foods. He HAS to have that plate."

Max: "grumble complain But whyyy...?!" as he leaves the room and takes the plate down the hall. He returns moments later saying his brother told him to just leave them on the stove. "So he won't know if I take this plate! Quick! Put the others on a paper towel!!"

Enter older brother.

Max: "Crap."

Teen:  "Wait. Why does Max have more than me? Why are his bigger? His look better! I want THAT plate! Give me his!"

Max [dodging his brother's groping hands]: "Nope! These are mine! Mom made these ones just for meeee...!"


Grass is always greener? People want what they think they can't have? I don't know. It's just classic.

Recipe for My Zesty Chicken Tenderloins

Ingredients: Boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins (4 per person), softened butter or a tub of spreadable, fresh ground pepper, sea salt, cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, a cookie sheet and a sheet of tin foil.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease the middle of the shiny side of the foil, lighting sprinkle on some seasoning from the ingredients list (this saves me from having to flip the chicken over to season both sides), line up the chicken tenderloins (add a minute to the cooking time for each additional tender over 4), sprinkle with pepper, salt, lemon pepper and cayenne pepper to taste (this last one has some kick, so use caution). Top with a little butter to keep everything moist (I scrape a butter knife across the tub or stick to get thin curls and just lightly lay them on top. Bring the foil edges together and roll them up to make a sealed foil packet. Place on cookie sheet.  Put in preheated oven, center rack, for 20 minutes. Serve as a snack or add your favorite rice and veg to make a meal.

You don't have to drain these. The drippings are actually super tasty over rice. I just cater to my teen (#autism #sensory issues). Your kids might fight over them too. 😊😜


Donna Wood said…
Typical kids.

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