Roller Coaster Week

Life can get interesting when you mix autism, a teenager, a younger brother, a mom with serious health and mobility issues and family vacations. My baby Max is going to be a middle schooler this year and the time for him to enjoy the wonders of a Disney vacation is almost past. The husband and I decided that THIS IS THE YEAR. But how. It was finally decided that the most mobile and healthy parent (the dad) would take the youngest on the dream vacation of his lifetime, so far; and the mom would stay home and care for the cantankerous teen.

This was the week.

Max and his Dad headed off to Orlando (Max's FIRST PLANE RIDE) and my challenges began. We took in a stray kitten the same day half the family left on vacation. I can't wait for Max to meet her. I call her Sweetie and the teen calls her Snake. Yeah. Much discussion. No willingness to compromise. 😂

Meet Sweetie!

Check out the vacation boys!

I've cooked a LOT of eggs, pasta and hamburgers, and picked up a lot of take-out. We lost a good keyboard (RIP) and the air conditioner was dying (during the first heatwave of the summer) but I got that sorted. I've done a ton of driving for Mom's Taxi Service.  And I survived. The other half of my beautiful family comes home tomorrow, thank heavens, and I may sleep for a week. Ups and downs, but we made it. I'm feeling rather accomplished!


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