Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Mommy Moment

Max and I took some extra time after school today to go play on the playground. I stood with my mom friends and chatted while our boys had a ball playing on the climbers and slides. It makes me happy to watch Max cheerfully interacting with his friends.

Then I started thinking about our recent struggles with Tyler. I found myself thinking back to when Tyler was this age. I'd bring him to the playground to spend time with kids too. But unlike Max, who can charm his way into any group, Tyler often had/has problems relating to other kids.  Instead of giggles and fun, I'd observe this:

Waiting to be noticed.

Playing on his own NEAR kids.
I found myself welling up with tears. I had sunglasses on, so I don't think my friends noticed. I wanted to tell them how much I appreciate their friendship and how great their kids are, but then I would have totally lost it. Max treasures his friends. So do I. It's a small miracle that I witness every single day that most parents probably take for granted.

Say a little prayer for us as we wrangle with ongoing issues at school. They want to take our beloved square-peg eldest boy and ram him into one of their perfectly organized round holes. We know it's not going to work but we have to show them that they can deal with all kinds of pegs, with a little effort and flexibility. It's not about shaving off his corners and making him fit! It's about tossing out the stiff old mold and replacing it with something soft and pliable (like play doh) so that pegs of all shapes will work. Flexibility, people!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I chose not to focus on all the negative things that happened yesterday (drama at school with Tyler) or the government shut-down...instead, I'll think about another bright spot.

In the supermarket with Max, we took a detour through produce to select fruit and veggie trays for his at-school birthday celebration on Thursday. Max stopped in the apple isle and had me read each sign. He wanted to know the names of all the apple varieties. So many varieties this month! He found the "pink ladies" particularly amusing. Then he pounced on a yellow packet at the end of the isle. Caramel wraps for making caramel apples. Yum! I agreed to buy them. We need something to make with all the apples I want to pick this weekend.

I am not a baker. My mother used to make decent pies and apple crisp, but I won't attempt it. Especially now. What if it turns out amazing? I can't eat pie. LOL Shortly after discovering the caramel wraps, Max discovered ready-made candied apples dipped in coconut shavings. He wanted to buy those too. They looked so pretty... No. We were making our own. Who wants store made ones? I did grab a bag of natural coconut shavings so Max can decorate his apples. I'm still surprised he wanted it. I don't think he has ever tasted anything with coconut, but it sure does look pretty.

Hopefully my next entry will have beautiful photos of our apple picking adventure. I haven't been to a farm in a few years. All the walking was too daunting a prospect. I'm nervous, but the desire to take photos of a fun family outing is trumping my doubts.