Max has been going through an extended "Super Hero" phase, much to my delight. (The phase was all too short with Tyler, but at least I have cute Halloween costume photos to remind me of those days.) Every day Max brings home drawings from school of various heroes. He draws Spider-man with a certain finesse and I find myself a bit jealous. I can only imagine his talent as his skills mature. He is only 6, after all.

The boys went out shoe shopping today (Max covets a certain pair of Avengers sneakers) but they struck out finding the right size. I told John if things went badly, he should take his planned trip to Barnes & Noble and Max would forget all his woes. It worked like a charm. Max came home shoe-less but with a sack full of Super Hero magic.

He found a book about the DC universe's Super Friends. It wasn't JUST a book. Oh no. It was also a play set with a huge multi-scene play mat and tiny little action figures - villains and heroes alike. He was thrilled to death! I found myself squee'ing a little too. So cool! But then Max pulled out the pièce de résistance. B&N gave him a FREE COMIC BOOK. I screamed like a pre-teen seeing Justin Beiber for the first time. Ha! I didn't know I could still get that excited. Collector's comic based on the new Superman flick...score! I haven't bought a new comic in probably 15 years or more so it was nice to know that I still get jazzed over a new book.

Check it out:

special edition comic *drools*

They are all about an inch high, but hot damn - what a collection!


Donna said…
The boy struck gold! That's a nifty little set of superheroes.

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