Max Turns 5

Just a few months ago I was reflecting on Max being 4. Where does the time go? Today he turned 5 years old. Next year he will start Kindergarten. Having both boys attending the same school will be so odd! In a weird way, it will seem like Max is catching up to Tyler (he is always trying to do that.)

Max will tell you he's had a great day today. Fall theme cupcakes at school (he still has orange frosting around his mouth) and a pile of gifts to open when he got home. Nana and Grampy watched the gift opening via Skype.  He had a mini party with his Grandma Lois yesterday and a family party with Red Lobster tonight (and cake!). He loves the Cars 2 race track he got from mommy and daddy (with Mater and Prof. Z from Tyler), new clothes from Nana and Grampy plus yet another race car (that works with the new mom has ESP), added to the presents he received from Grandma Lois yesterday - coloring book, puzzle, Thomas pillow, talking Gordon train, and a hand made Angry Birds hat (she is a crochet genius!) he is in hog heaven right now.

The hat is a total scream!  I was shopping for party ideas on Etsy a couple weeks ago (Max wants an Angry Birds theme) and he spotted a crocheted bird hat and went bonkers. I sent the link to Grandma Lois and she was able to whip out a close approximation in no time flat! Max dances with glee every time he puts the hat on. It's a riot! See for yourself:

He is over the moon. And I haven't even finished planning his friend party yet! I wanted to give him time to get to know his new classmates. It's hard having a birthday so close to the start of the school year. I think we are doing a costume party Halloween weekend. Save the date peeps!


Emily Suess said…
Happy birthday to Max! I can't believe he's 5!

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