...on bullying

I've talking about my experiences with bullying and bullies in the past on this blog (pardon the wonky formatting on that old entry - it was imported from my old AOL blog and things got so messed up.) I was so sad when I saw this Ellen video. She chose to focus on gay rights, which makes sense. But having read more about this tragedy, I think there are a number of issues at play.

The one I choose to focus on is the teasing/bullying aspect. How his own roommate could be so ugly and mean... His name was Tyler and he played the violin. Feeling it. Deep hurt and sadness for his friends and family. I am intimately familiar with the long term damage a suicide can do to the ones left behind. Also intimately familiar with the desire to die rather than face another day with people who treat you with hate.

More thoughts later. Way past time for bed.


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