School Daze

Today went by in a blur of last-day-of-summer-vacation/school-starts-tomorrow frantic prep. Three hours I spent filling out all the bleedin forms and crud from Tyler's school. WOW! Honestly, why can't they just send us home a printout of last year's data and request we just update it. Nearly nothing has changed. What a hassle. Then it was on to a rousing game of "find the backpack". Followed by a nail biting challenge of "make lunch for the kid who eats nothing."

I don't even want to think about the morning. Will Tyler be able to wake up that early? What clothes will John put on him? If it weren't so late, I would be sorting through the laundry baskets trying to come up with a decent first day of school outfit. Ah yes. Gone are the days of me buying a pricey but cute first day outfit from Gymboree. This year, his new school clothes came from Walmart and Daddy bought them. *wince* I couldn't bring myself to look in the bags.

Prays: Please don't let him look like a hobo!

Max is going to be so upset when he wakes up tomorrow and Tyler isn't here. Poor kid. He already cried several times today that he wanted to go to school too. But it means he will have the TV and Mommy all to himself. I hope that is enough. Maybe a nice trip to the park will make him happy too. I'm just happy Max is back to his old self again. What a summer.


Bridgett said…
Hope it went well!

Parker's first day of school outfit came from Target. :)


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