School's Out for Summer!

Summer Vacation - Day 1

When does school start again? Ah. September 2nd. Only 75 more days to go. *sigh* But seriously, it's nice to have Tyler at home. He and Max have been having a ball today. It's balloon sword battle royale as they chase each other around the family room.

Speaking of balloon swords...I have a new talent. Tyler was at a birthday party a few weeks ago and came home so impressed by the clown who made balloon animals that he insisted his Dad take him to the store to buy some of those long balloons for him to try out. Of course, this meant that Mommy had to learn a few new tricks once the initial joy of discovery was replaced with the agony of frustration. "Moooooom! I can't do this! Can you make me a sword?"

OK! Thank goodness for the internet. (What did Moms do before the internet???) After a few video lessons, I produced 3 different styles of balloon swords and all was right with the world...for about 10 minutes. Then all hell broke loose. "Mom! The clown at the party made a dog. Can you make a dog?" Another 10 minute instructional video later and I was making hounds and poodles. "Cool! Can you make a rabbit? How about a turtle? A pig?? Ohh! I really want a bird!!" Oh lordy help me...

Balloon cutlass, anyone? How about a balloon saber? Balloon belts to hold your inflated weaponry? I can now make 2 love birds kissing inside a heart too. I think I'll tackle balloon hats next.

Now the house is overrun with a menagerie of balloon creatures who have a habit of popping at inopportune moments. But it is rather fun. Good thing I have great lung capacity.

One of many balloon turtles and swords


Bridgett said…
Ha! Mommy extraordinaire. :)
But you're right...what did mommy's do without the internet???

Yay for summer break! Parker has been out since the 4th, but he goes back the last week of August.

Emily aka 2writehands said…
That balloon turtle is super cute. Do you make them in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle colors? Will you make me Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael? Sorry. Carried away there.
Donna said…
Wow! I am impressed. Super Mom!! ;)

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