Bye Bye Basement

I know a couple of my readers will be glad that I am finally doing an entry that ISN'T about my kids. Ha!

Well, it's happening at long last. On Wednesday the workmen will arrive to start work on our basement. They will be adding a wall to divide the space into two rooms...a play room and a new guest room. They will also finally finish John's office space. He has worked in that dank hole for more than 10 years. I can hardly believe it!

Naturally I had to take some "before" photos to document the transformation. Our basement isn't really a "basement" by definition. It is above the ground. It is really the ground floor of our house, adjacent to our garage and laundry room. Really, it's an unfinished room that has looked the same since our home was built.

Many homeowners in our development opted to have the space finished, but we didn't go for that option (to save some dough at the time). Now we need the space!

Poor John has been working down there for days trying to move out all the unused furniture, boxes of crap we never unpacked when we moved in here, old computer junk, books...yadda yadda yadda. The space was once filled to the rafters with STUFF. Now our two car garage is filled to the rafters, as is my living room and laundry room. John says he feels like he moved half a household's worth of STUFF all on his own. It's really an amazing feat on his part. Thanks hun!

If I were more organized, I would have a yard sale. But I can't be bothered. I'll probably FreeCycle a TON of stuff over the next few weeks. If anyone lives in the northern NJ area and name it, we probably have it! Stop on by.

Now for the "Before" pictures:


Donna said…
Wow, what a transformation that's going to be. I'm glad you put Tyler in the pictures; I love seeing your boys.
Two Write Hands said…
I love before and after pics. Can't wait to see it finished. Here's hoping the transformation goes smoothly for you!
BosieLadie said…
Oh, I bet you are excited!!! Sounds like it will be real nice when it's done!
Shari said…
Tyler is getting so big!
I wish you a smooth construction!
I can't wait to see how beautiful the after's are.
Picara said…
That's awesome! Woohoo on a finished basement.
Jo Beaufoix said…
Wow that is so exciting.
I can't wait till we can afford to do stuff to our house.

I have so many plans...

Can't wait to see it finished.
Chris said…
That is great, you will love it. Our house came with a finished basement divided into a bathroom, a walk in closet, a large bonus room and one bedroom. Like yours, our basement barely meets the definition, since 3/4ths of it is above ground.

Enjoy once it's done!

Have a great weekend!
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Anonymous said…
hmmm it's stuck at the "loading" I can't see the befores..anyway that's great you're getting the space made into livable space. the mess will be worth it once the project is done. can't wait to see photos of the finished rooms! netti

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