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I've shared in the past the story of how I met my husband. He came across an interesting article that talks about the technology that brought us together. Yep! I met my husband "online". Back when the Internet was basically just a couple of university servers connected together, a forward thinking high tech company called Digital Equipment Corp. created an intricate network of systems that connected all their offices around the world together...the first corporate intranet.

Then came Notes...the first corporate message boards. I joined Digital in 1984 and rapidly found this treasure trove of online sharing. I "met" company people from all over the globe and encountered one very special guy who particularly peaked my interest. I was in Massachusetts and he was in New Jersey. We talked on Notes for months, then moved to email, and finally arranged to meet up at a local Noter party. The rest was history!

I have very fond memories of Vax Notes. I made a lot of friends, created my first online personae, and paved the way to a successful career. Not bad for a no frills, dumb terminal, plain text tool.


Sara said…
I had forgotten that you met John online :o) I suppose it's a little like us with our journals, I've loved 'meeting' and getting to know my journal friends over the last couple of years.
Sara x
I'm amazed at how much you know about this computer stuff-enough to find John! Maybe I'll be as lucky, but the pool of my age and interest is small and scattered. Hope, however, springs eternal.. Margo
jennifer said…

Good times. Every now and then I will say VaxMail, and students just look at me like I'm an alien. Then I tell them that's what we had before Al Gore invented the internet. Then they laugh.

I LOVED the story of "Stud." Even my heart fluttered with the first kiss. And that hasn't happened in a loooong time. LOL
Anonymous said…
I couldn't open the interesting story. :-(

All this time and I never realized you met John online - or else I forgot. (Memory is shot to pieces right now) It's also how I met Sonny - he even saved our first letters. I know many who have met online and have wonderful strong relationships.

sdrogerson said…
I've been online like you for ages since 1983 in fact - I met J when we were still at school in the 60's!
Astaryth said…
I also started playing on the 'internet' before it was so bright and colorful. Cool story.

I haven't been ignoring you... I was just going thru my Bloglines subscriptions and noticed a little red ! next to your account. I popped over here and... ENTRIES! Hmmmm.... I'm going to unsubscribe and resubscribe you.. that usually fixes it technology {sigh!} Why did I not notice a lack of entries/hearing from you sooner? Well, I just figured you were VERY busy with the kids and just hadn't had time for an entry. I actually popped over to leave a HI, how you been/where are you comment LOL!
Dawn said…
Hey if it worked for you then it worked. You got a great hubby and two cute boys out of it. I've taken the stance that wherever a person's bliss is they must find it. Congrats on Max. I've been off line for a while and I clicked on your page and I'm like,"Holy Cow,Becky's got another little guy." He's adorable and Tyler has gotten so,so big. Austin's just turned 5 and he's got a baby brother now. -Dawn-
Anonymous said…
wow 1984 and being online? you are so progressive girl! i was still in High School and no one chatted online, not even a cellphone back then! LOL netti

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