Thank You, Memory Foam!

Like me, my "memory foam" mattress topper is starting to develop dementia. The memory is going. Every night I sit on the side of my bed and get things together...remove my hair doohickies, make sure I have a bottle of water handy, check the alarm clock, arrange my pillows, read for a bit, yadda yadda. Over time, my generous buns have formed a sort of indent.

All day today, Max has been restless and unable to get comfortable. He hasn't been sleeping well in his cradle or any of his usual spots. A little while ago, in desperation, I carried him into the bedroom, sat in my usual spot, and bounced on the bed until he fell asleep in my arms. Then I set him down in my still warm ass indent.

I think this is the soundest he has EVER slept! I'm sitting in the glider next to the bed, typing very quietly. He's already 15 minutes past due for his next feeding. I'm wondering if I can slip into bed next to him without waking him. Soooo tempting.

(And in case my SIL is took FIVE YEARS for this to happen. Foam doesn't permanently indent in a matter of minutes. And it would probably happen to anyone of any size who sits in the same spot each night.)


Laura said…
for your SIL:
my darling daughter's SIZE ZERO butt print is permanently indented in a sofa cushion of mine where she has spent the past few years curled up in watching her evening dose of television.
all of us with children can relate to taking our newborn's sleeping anyway we can get it.
Sara said…
He he he, you do make me chuckle!

Love Cow's halloween outfit in the last entry too :o)

Sara x
your sil obviously does not have a foam memory mattress. i'm gad you finally got max to sleep. and hope you are getting enough, too. margo
Steph said…
Oh my gosh! It's been awhile since I've visited your journal/blog! What a beautiful baby! I have to go back and read all about him.
Aria said…
I got too weirded out by the body prints of the memory foam when we were mattress shopping. It reminded me of those dead body outlines, so we ended up going with a more conventional mattress. (Not the only reason, I'm not that nutty).
I can definately see how it would cuddle a baby though, what a great use for butt prints.


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