Lucky Charms

While watching Jimmy Neutron, an inevitable commercial break came on. Tyler seemed to be paying little attention until the ad for Lucky Charms cereal. At the end of the ad he instructed me to go to He wanted to have further adventures with the leprechaun, apparently. He told me he wanted to help the kids get some cereal.

"Tyler, I wonder why those kids find it necessary to steal the cereal from the leprechaun when they can just go buy it at the store," I mused.

His expression grew serious and he stated, matter of factly; "I don't think they have a Mommy and Daddy. They have to steal the cereal because they are hungry."

I was stunned. He is four years old and here he is, like a true philosopher, talking about loop-holes in the moral code. Stealing is wrong. But what if you are a hungry orphan child?

A few weeks ago, while watching the same show, Tyler made another astounding observation. Jimmy Neutron has his own rocket ship and was flying to a distant asteroid. The ship happens to be an open top convertible.

"Mommy! That's silly!"

"What is, sweetie?"

"Jimmy Neutron's ship! How can they breath? There's no air in space!"

Whoa. How the heck did he know that?!?!

I really need to make more of an effort to capture these frequent Tyler observations. He surprises me almost daily!


dee said…
That means you have a smart little boy! Some people think you do not get enlightening conversations with a child. To the contrary, their take on life is often wise and amazing.
Astaryth said…
That's one sharp little man you have there! I always enjoy having conversations with the little ones, they have such a unique way of looking at the world.
jennifer said…
Tell Tyler to grow up soon. We need him to lead us.

I'm serious. Mostly.

It's astonishing the things that come out of their little adorable heads.
Christine said…
They never cease to amaze us. And it just gets better as they get older!

(insert me dancing at the keyboard to "Stupid Girl")
You've got a great kd there, Becky. Not that this is news to you, I'm sure! - K.
BoiseLadie said…
What an awesome photo of Tyler! He's all grown up! He's at a great age, still learning, absorbing life like a sponge, and everything is so matter of fact, sharing everything with you.

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