Finger Printing

How cool was that! We went and got fingerprinted yesterday. The first time around, we called the local police station and went over to their processing/prisoner intake area and got the genuine "criminal" treatment. That ink is a B*TCH to get off! I had no clue what to expect this time.

Our agency is now using a company called Sagem-Morpho to do the printing. They are one of these security/background check outfits that companies use to screen applicants. We walked in the door and I knew right away this time would be different. No ink! Check this baby out: Cool, eh? All we did was place our hands on that large red panel and our fingers (one by one) on the smaller red panel and viola! Our prints appeared on the screen! I love technology! Oh, and the panels were nice and warm to the touch. It felt great, since my hands were so chilled. It's Fall for sure around here.

Now we are fingerprinted, we have all our medical certification forms (Doc says we are healthy enough to adopt and Ty is healthy enough to be a brother), our personal data form, our portfolio, almost all of our recommendation forms (KIM!!! Get to writing!)...once we have that last recommendation, we can go active in the system! We just need to send the agency an initial deposit with all our paperwork.

Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited I feel like barfing! It's like I spent 6 hours on a tilt-a-whirl! Oh wait...that's just my labrynthitis acting up. Ugh. Hate middle ear infections. Whoa. Room is spinning...I better go lie down.

One last note. Ty actually sat and watched an ENTIRE movie tonight. Which one? The Cat and the Hat with Mike Meyers (the live action one). Bleech. No accounting for taste. LOL


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