From the dream diary:

I had the strangest dream last night. I was invited out shopping by my friend Kim. I think we were in Alabama...it was some place down south. Everyone had a southern drawl, except me. We had plans to go to a farmer's market and her favorite clothes store. This all sounds completely mundane, right? Well, here is where it gets weird.

She picked me up at my hotel and she had her husband with her. We went to this one store and this sales woman starting yelling at me "It's about time you got here. You are the only person who will buy this crap!" And she threw this sorta lingerie set at me...it was a little short kimono type top with a purple, black and hot pink asian pattern on it with matching black thong. I remember thinking "thong?!?!" but she insisted I try it on. I went looking for the dressing room, but they were all full. This one girl pulled me into her dressing room and told me I could share, so I shrugged and tried on the set. It looked great! This is the first dream I've had in a long time where I didn't look in the mirror and see a fat woman. I saw myself as I used to look 20 years ago.

The girl I was sharing with told me I should buy it (I'd forgotten she was in the room with me). No one would take my credit card at the register, so I just walked out of the store with the set in my hand. We went to the next store and it was surrounded by this weird half-wall made out of river stone. The building looked like this ancient cottage, like a cross between a swiss chalet and Hansel and Gretal's house. There was a crumbling stone wishing well in the center of the hard-packed dirt parking lot.

I was eyeing the building in a dubious way, but Kim assured me it was a great place. Inside, all the women working in the shop knew Kim and greeted her warmly...but they eyed me with suspicion. Except for these sort of built-in-closet looking displays of clothes around the room, the place looked like someone's house. Kim dragged me down a hallway and told me to pick a room. I opened the door and inside looked like a bedroom with a small bed that looked slept in, a sink with a mirror and a light blue towel hanging on a ring on the wall. Also, a wall mounted full-length mirror.

I was just standing in the doorway scratching my head. Kim explained that we each got our own room to try on our outfit choices. When we were done, we could take a nap. Huh? Ok. One of the sales ladies came up to Kim and apologized that they no longer offered clean linen service after each customer. The bedding was now only changed once a day. Kim nodded and went into one of the rooms. Andy mumbled that he was going to nap and selected a second room. I went into the one I was standing in front of and tried to think of what I could leave in there to show it was occupied. I only had my purse with me. I rummaged around in my purse and finally took out a chinese take-out menu and left it on the bed.

Kim met me in the hall where I mentioned that it was 12:30 and I was getting hungry. She said "Don't worry...they serve lunch here too. It's really good!" Um...ok. A boutique with bedrooms for dressing rooms AND they serve lunch. We started looking through the clothes and most of the items reminded me of English riding apparel. Stretchy brown pants with suede on the inner thighs, pouffy white blouses...I think I was so baffled that I woke myself up.

So...anyone out there good at dream interpretation? I have a book, but I am not sure where to start with this one. LOL


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