Play Date

Max has a play-date scheduled for today, so imagine my surprise when he comes running into the kitchen not long after school let out. "What are you doing here?! Did you walk home???" I worried that his friend's mom had forgotten to take both boys home with her. Ha! But no. She drove him here because he insisted he needed a drink and his home had what he really wanted. He helps himself to 3 squeeze bottles of flavored sugar water (you know...the junky crap that has no real juice in it) and runs back out the front door to share with his friend Sean and little brother Jake.

I am so so sorry, Jen. Three boys on a sugar high for the whole afternoon... yikes. I have to say, those drinks were something Max picked on his last trip to the market with his Dad. He knows Mom insists on 100% juice, or water. But, even on a sugar high, I expect Max won't cause any damage.

I hope.

Well... Maybe a few footprints on the furniture.


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