Doctor Who - The Movie

The doctor saves the new millennium? Yes, it had a very low rating...but I can't resist watching anything in the Doctor's chronicles.  Yes, there are many inconsistencies in the current accepted history of our Doctor. Half human?? The "Eye" is the heart of the TARDIS? Yeah, some of the plot points were sketchy, at best. But I loved Paul McGann's portrayal of the Doctor. Actually, his was the best performance in the whole movie. Doctor Grace whatshername was very soapy. She was not believable as a cardiologist in the slightest. She didn't have the proper...what's the word...gravitas? Yes. The Asian teen character was pretty good but don't get me started on Eric Roberts as The Master! Cheese-y! Sorry Eric. Over all, it was entertaining. I rather liked the Gothic revival TARDIS interior. LOL It's a shame Paul never got his own shot as a series regular, but I'm glad someone had the passion for Doctor Who to take a stab at reviving the old franchise. Just look at it now!


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