Ender's Game

Just watched Ender's Game. The book series was such a big part of my formative years. I hate that Orson Scott Card's politics and beliefs have cast a pall over what could have been something truly epic. I boycotted the film release in the theaters but a thoughtful editorial made me rethink not ever seeing the film. I really want to share the books with Tyler. I guess I'll have to think about the discussion...does a writer or artist's personal/controversial view points have to affect how we view their work? Can something be enjoyed simply "as is" as long as there is nothing IN the work that reflects those negative view points?

Perhaps a discussion on the flaws in people, first. I don't want to make excuses for the guy. And I am certainly not one to reward bad behavior, bigotry, or hate speech. But the books...oh the books are so so good. It's a crime. It's a tragedy. 

I can't look at the works of Vincent van Gogh now without thinking about his tragic life and mental illness. It "colors" my appreciation of his art a bit. I see it with new eyes. I still remember how I reacted when I first saw Starry Night back in high school. I didn't know anything about the artist back then. It was a purely visceral and teenage critical opinion with absolutely no preconceived notions. Thinking about it now makes me chuckle.

Yeah. No preconceived notions. I think that is the way to play it. Appreciate the work purely for what it is and forming his own thoughts and opinions. Right now he won't really care a fig about the writer. He's not at that level of emotional maturity yet. Heck, I didn't start wondering about the people who wrote the books I loved until I was in my 20s. LOL


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