Our Elf and other Christmas Nonsense

Every year it seems like something falls through the cracks. Last year, I had to 86 the Christmas cards. I simply ran out of time and the boys would NOT cooperate and take a photo together. Not the first time. A few years ago I resorted to this:

If they won't dress up and pose, I can paper elf them! Muhahaha! But seriously... This year I have a gorgeous new family portrait to use, so I am super happy with our card and eager to send it out. Last year I got the boys Lego advent calendars when they were on sale in November. It was also our first year hosting an Elf on the Shelf. She kept me hopping! This year? The elf came out right on time, but I forgot the advent calendars. By the time I remembered, the Lego ones were over $60. No way. I crossed my fingers and hoped the boys wouldn't notice. I also forgot to get some Hanukkah gifts and chocolate coins for Max's celebration - so I dug into the stocking stuffers and we used left-over Halloween candy to play our dreidel games until my Amazon order came in. He was happy. He also noticed the absence of his annual advent calendar. Rats!

Another quick visit to Amazon and I finally settled on these cute and inexpensive advent calendars from a Vermont chocolate company. A chocolate a day? Hey, I'd be thrilled. I gave them to the boys tonight. They have 11 days worth of chocolate to eat in order to catch up. Tyler was thrilled. Max? Not so much. He really REALLY likes the Lego calendar. This is why they can charge $60 for 24 days worth of minifigs and blocks. Note to self: Next year, order the Lego calendar really early. Maybe start looking around Halloween.

Back to the elf. I've only forgotten to move her once. So far, so good! Last night she left the boys this:

It was perfect. Tonight, she plans to make one of those rainbow loom rubber band bracelets for Max on his loom and she is adding jingle bells. Too bad we don't have any more red or green bands. There is one of those pesky cracks again. I also can't find the cornstarch. Snowflake the elf wanted to make indoor snow angels tomorrow night. Hopefully I can track down the cornstarch and the cutting board by then.

Last year Snowflake got the boys a kit to make a gingerbread Christmas tree. Turns out you really need beaters or a food processor to mix the icing. It was a tasty tasty mess. But Max still had fun putting it together and decorating. This year I think Snow is going to bake a Christmas tree braided cinnamon roll and leave some colored icing to decorate it. I have a list of ingredients. Just need to get to the grocery store. I also want to make and decorate sugar cookies. Maybe cupcakes too. Too ambitious?

So...what else have I forgotten? I think my Christmas shopping is done. I think.

Uh oh. I just remembered. I never ordered new Christmas PJs for the boys. They always get new jammies for Christmas eve. *sigh* Back to Amazon...


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