Christmas Cards

I did it! All the cards are addressed and in envelopes. I just have to slap on return address labels and lick them closed. Oh, and put on stamps. I found out the hard way one year that the Post Office doesn't like it when you try to mail 50+ cards without postage.

I just want everyone to know that even if this is the only thing you get from us all year long, it's an envelope full of love and hugs. Anyone who knows me well knows I am TERRIBLE about social niceties like birthday cards or thank you notes. I just don't think about it, forget or remember when it's way too late. The last time I sent thank you notes was, I think, right after we got back from our honeymoon. You know, wedding gifts? I had neat little thank you cards printed up. Oh! I think I sent notes to people who sent me baby gifts too. I think. If I didn't...thank you! Aww, you guys know I appreciate you...right?

I know I've set a terrible example for my boys. My mom made me write thank you notes for every gift I ever got when I was living at home. I think that was the only time I wished fewer people loved me. *grin* Hand cramp!

But seriously, this is the one time of year I spend a couple days focused on family and friends. The process starts with me updating my address file. This year I cried as I deleted a couple more names. We lost some family and friends this year. I put extra love and hugs into the envelopes going to friends who lost parents or are going through a divorce. This time of year is going to be hard for them. We love you guys!

Then I try and catch John to see if he has any changes or updates. Like his new boss (who I still need an address for)... He's been sending cards to the same group of friends for as long as I've known him. Well...I send the cards for both of us. Which leads to another thing I think about. If something ever happened to me, would he send cards? I am thinking he would miss a couple years then start to feel guilty if any of our friends continued to send him cards anyway. ;)

Then I wonder what other people's rule of thumb is. We've only received, like, 3 cards so far this year. I didn't send any last year. If someone misses a year, do you drop them from your list for the following year? I keep sending until the post office returns a card (mail forwarding expired?) or I know something happened to the recipient or John says I don't work for/with that guy anymore. But that's just me. Once a year. We're still here. We love you. Hello? Hee hee!

Finally, it's time to take one last flip through and see if I missed anyone. If you'd like a card and I missed you this year, be sure to let me know! Seriously. I don't trust my brain. Meanwhile, I have my headphones on and am enjoying the Christmas Classics channel on Pandora Radio. Tyler yells at me when ever I forget and start singing out loud. Oops. Sorry son.

Happy Holidays Y'all!


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