Happy Hanukkah!

Max decided again this year that he wanted to celebrate Hanukkah. I've always found researching and studying other faiths extremely interesting, so I've not had a problem with that. I love that my little boy is open minded and curious. He embraces everything and everyone and you'll never find me discouraging that. I posted this photo on Facebook a few days ago on the first night:

A Jewish friend left a funny comment about being unaware that Max had converted. I jokingly reminded him that Max had "converted" last year (the first time we celebrated Hanukkah.)  We were promptly accepted and welcomed by said friend as "members of the tribe." I love my friends. *grin*

My parents aren't on Facebook, but I have other relatives who are. My aunt showed my Mom the above photo and accompanying comments with a "You never told me Max converted!" My Mom, of course, was dumbfounded. I'm willing to bet my Aunt was joking and told Mom "Your Daughter doesn't tell you anything, does she." But my mother has no sense of humor, so she took this information literally and promptly called me to remind me she was there for Max's baptism and is his god mother...yadda yadda.  Oy gavalt. (See what I did there? hee hee)

I had to reassure her that Max didn't REALLY convert. Honestly. He is seven. When he is more mature, if he really wants to convert, I won't have a problem with that either. She'd have a cow if she heard me say that. Such a yenta, my mother. Also a bit meshuggina but that's common in my mishpocha.

Being me, of course, I can't let this extremely amusing misunderstanding go. Max will be wearing his yarmulke when we go visit at the end of the month and I'll coach him to start calling his Nana "Bubbe" instead. Maybe I can talk my mensch of a husband into taking a video. It should be SUPER funny.


Donna. W said…
This is hilarious. And how can little Max be seven? Seriously????

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