Packing Lunch

One of my daily temptations involves packing school lunches. Last night Max was crouched on the floor fiddling with something.

Me: What are you doing?

Max: Collecting eggs.

Me: From where???

Max:  Easter.

Me: You still have Easter eggs?

Max: Oh yeah! I haven't eaten hardly any of mine.

Me: *mumbles* Good thing I didn't know that. What are you doing with those eggs?

Max: Well...can you do me a favor tonight? I have 20 eggs. *fiddles* Make that 30 eggs. Can you open them all and put the candy into my lunch box?

Me: 30 Easter Eggs worth of candy?! You want me to put all that junk into your lunch?!! I don't think that's a good idea. That's not very healthy.

Max: Oh come on Mom! I won't eat it all tomorrow. I just want it in my lunch box. Just in case.

Just in case of what, I wonder. Candy shortage? I opened all the eggs and only put about 5 eggs worth into his lunch. Today, after school, I asked if he enjoyed the candy.

Max: Mom! You only put in a little bit! But I found the rest in a paper bag on the table and dumped it all into my lunch box myself this morning.

Me: *facepalm* I sure hope you didn't eat all that!

Max: Of course not! I have lots left for tomorrow.

Oh boy. That boy is something else.


John said…
What you didn't know is what happened the next morning... I open Max's lunch box to put money in his wallet. He grabs a brown bag and pours the entire contents (full of candy) into the lunch box. After telling him it wasn't a good idea and listening to him complain, I shrugged my shoulders and let him take it all.

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