Trial and Error

Tyler surprised us yesterday with a sudden request to try Subway. Subway?! Really?!?!?! Apparently all those commercials about getting what you want had gotten to him. He wanted a lettuce sandwich. Yep. Just bread and lettuce. He didn't find any of the other "stuff" appealing. So, five dollars later, he had a 6 inch lettuce sub in his hot little hands. I held my breath as my notoriously picky child took his first bite...and promptly spit it out.


But hey! He tried something new. That is always a momentous event. His verdict was that the bread was too "strong." John had agonized over which type of bread to pick and finally settled on Italian. I am thinking the honey oat would have been more mild, but I know Ty would have freaked out at any sign of actual oats on top of his bread. We'll see how many months go by now before we can convince him to try something else.

Meanwhile, today was Max's turn to shock and surprise. He wanted to try a TACO. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the boys announced they were headed to Taco Bell. Mmm...crunch wrap supreme for Momma!

Max arrives home with a taco in his hot little hands - beef and lettuce only - and I held my breath again as he took his first bite. He liked it! Kinda. After a few bites, he ended up dumping out all the lettuce and most of the beef. He likes the shell the best. I told him I think he would really like nachos. He nodded sagely and said  "next time."

Oh boy! There will be a next time!

Stay tuned, gentle readers.


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