Scary Movies

Tyler asked me a few weeks ago when he would be old enough to watch a scary movie. Good question son.  I've been thinking back, trying to remember my first scary movie. I recall watching various Saturday monster movie programs when I was a kid. Double features like Mothra vs. Godzilla and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman...they were not scary to me in the slightest. Really, they were cheezy, at best; but I loved watching them. I was 10 or 11. I don't know if Tyler would like those old fashioned monster movies. He is a little more sophisticated in his tastes than I was at his age. He is very particular about what he likes.

I can't remember which "scary" movie I saw first. They all sort of run together. I do, however, remember the first movie that SCARED me. I mean, really and truly made me want to hide my face and gave me nightmares for years. I have no idea what it was called. I remember it was about this unattractive fat girl that everyone made fun of. They tormented this poor girl to the edge of madness. Then she was in this horrific accident that nearly killed her and basically destroyed her face. Because of the extensive reconstructive surgery, her jaw is wired shut for a long time. She loses a ton of weight. Then the plastic surgeon does multiple surgeries to repair her face. In the end, she is transformed into this slim but psychotic beauty. She vows revenge on all the people who tormented her. That's when things turn crazy scary. The stuff she does to those people! This one girl gets buried alive in a box. That scene has haunted me all my life. If anyone recognizes this movie and can tell me the name, please post a comment.

I don't want to watch it again! I just want to make sure my kids never see it. Ha! But seriously, I have given some thought to which movie would be a good "scary movie" introduction for Tyler. I think he might get a kick out of some of the old Japanese monster flicks. They are the origin of Pokemon, after all. Nothing too creepy or potentially psychologically damaging. Just cheap thrills with tons of extras running away in panic. With popcorn.


Angela said…
I don't know the name of the movie you described, but I do recall watching a lot of horror flicks from 5th grade on up and having serious staying-at-home-alone issues later as an adult. (And yes, I still peek behind a shower curtain before I step in). =)
Donna. W said…
I must have been younger then ten years old when my mom took me to see "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein". Yes, it was a comedy. I had bad dreams from time to time for a couple of years, where skeletons were chasing me.
It didn't really hurt me, though, and I still have good memories of my mother taking me to the movies.

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