Things... I have too many of them.

Once upon a time I was a very sentimental person. I assigned great value to many of the things in my life. They reminded me of people and major life events. Sometimes the link was tenuous, at best, but I held on to that thing as a tangible reminder. I wasn't too happy about all those things the first time I moved out on my own. It was nice when the military was moving us around. Movers packed up most of our stuff. I couldn't afford that when I had my own first apartment.

Then I moved again. And again. And again. And again! Did I learn a lesson from any of those moves? No. I (then we) just moved to bigger places with more space for stuff.

We've been in this house for a very long time now. Time has flown by really. But lord have mercy how much stuff we have accumulated. There just isn't any more space. A few years ago I found myself looking around in a souvenir shop while we were on a family vacation. My habit had always been to buy some small trinket to remind me of our trip. This time something was different. I found myself hesitating.  

Do I really NEED another keyring, tee-shirt, or other assorted dust collector for my packed knick knack shelves at home? No. But I always get a little something! Why? It's a souvenir! Uh huh. And what are you going to use it for? Have you ever used those coasters? The place mats? The apron? Then why are you going to buy more???

Good point, me. So I didn't get anything. It was oddly painful but good at the same time. After all, I had tons of photos. I always take tons of photos. And they don't take up much room.

I've continued to reexamine my attachment to things over the last few years. What will happen when I die? There will be a whole house full of useless crap that chances are, my kids won't remember the significance of. They will have a huge yard sale or just throw it all out. Maybe accumulating stuff is a young person's game. My various collections of things have mostly lost their significance of late. Now they just take up space and cause me to stub my toes repeatedly.

I just don't want all this stuff anymore. I'd rather have an empty room with a chair, desk, bed and fridge. I'd cover the walls with photos. It's time to simplify. I am starting to understand my Grandmother a lot better now.

Anyone want a set of authentic Polynesian 'uli'ulis? A collection of Bermudan hand cast pottery? Blown glass art? Faux Ming vase and plate? A boat load of VHS movies from the 1980s and 90s? How about some baby toys? Crib? Various car seats? You name it, I probably have 2. You can have one! Really!

Maybe I should just have a whole house sale. Put out some signs, leave the front door open and take any reasonable offer. Sure the living room sofa is for sale. I have another one just like it in the basement. Want that one too?


Donna H. said…
I totally get this post...but maybe because I am much older than you and reached this point many years earlier. :)
I have been purging stuff for quite some time now. It's a good feeling but makes me wonder just how much money I threw away purchasing this useless junk. I also don't want my kids to have to go through the "stuff" wondering what's valuable and what isn't when I am no longer around. Less IS more!

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