The Day Tyler Got Independent...

Just dropped Tyler off at his friend's house. D was outside on a bike with his little brother (on a scooter). As I pulled away, I could see Ty walking up the street as his buddy rode his bike beside him. OMG. My son is OUTSIDE. WALKING. I waited for him to burst into flame...or something. This is the second day in a row Ty wanted to go hang out at his friend's house.

To most of you, this may sound like no big deal. But Tyler hasn't gone to a friend's house in a really long time. Not since the days of me arranging "play dates". It's nothing short of momentous. And terrifying. I wanted to just pull over and watch them from the van, just to make sure he was safe. But I realized it was time to start letting him be a responsible 10 and a half year old. When I was his age I was riding my bike all over town on my own without a second thought. It's a little different for Ty. He is often off in his own world and doesn't seem to see what is happening around him.  This can make the simple act of crossing a busy road REALLY worrisome. He doesn't always remember to look both ways.

Hopefully with three of them, they will look out for each other. Yell "CAR!" when a car drives down the road. I hope. I did quiz Ty before I dropped him off to make sure he remembers his phone number. To call me when he is ready to come home.

Crap. The urge to go back and get him is so strong. Must...stay...home. I am NOT a helicopter mom.


Please let him be ok. :(


Donna. W said…
I can't believe he's that old. I remember when he was an infant!
Donna H. said…
Wow! They grow up so fast! It's hard letting go...even when you're baby is 28 you are still worrying!
He will be fine. Not sure of your spiritual beliefs but that's how I got through. :)
Donna H said…
Hey Becky...I just left the "Helene and Mike" comment. I tried signing in under my Google account and have no idea how my daughter and her husband show up as my identity!!
Donna H

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