You'd better eat all your sweet potatoes too...

or this little demon might show up to yell at you.

"Eat 'Em Up, YUM!"
Max screams "All Done!" but looks a tad evil in the process. Hee hee!

This photo is just cracking me up. View it full sized at Flickr for the full effect.

The aftermath of being a messy eater? This!


I'm eating, I'm Eating!!!!!

That is so funny, thanks for sharing!
Oh, that is too cute and funny!!!
Robbie said…
Shari said…
He is just adorable! I love the pics.
Emily Suess said…
Love the video...complete with soundtrack and credits. Too cute!
Chris said…
Hey look! it's the love child of Linda Blair :) just kidding!

We have a picture of his first real halloween and we had put his clown outfit on and I got a picture of him where he looks insanely possessed, it's hilarious!

Those must have been some yummy sweet potatoes!
Jo Beaufoix said…
Ahh Becky that is so cute.
He just looked kind of a little bemused.
What a sweetie.
Anonymous said…
LMAO!!!!!!!! that photo is hysterical!! netti

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