Time for the NJ State Fair

Tyler at the Glass/Mirror Fun House

While I spent time at home with Max up to my eyeballs in runny poo and sore tushy, John took Tyler to opening day of the NJ Stair Fair/Farm & Horse Show. Click the photo above for more.

The boys had a great time and, apparently, all traces of cranky-Tyler-who-now-hates-carnival-rides were gone! He was back to his old self and had a ball. Thank goodness!

(Hey Mosie - I included a couple shots just with you in mind. Personally, I think your 2 are way cuter.)

Hopefully Max will be feeling better soon. We have plans to head back to the fair later this week.


Emily Suess said…
The Indiana State Fair starts in a few days too. Can't wait!!
Donna. W said…
This makes me rather sad; I've gone to the Mo State Fair for the past 3 years. This year I'm not going. It starts Thursday. It's just too costly for us right now.
Chris said…
Our fair is next month, so we have to wait:( Great pictures though!
we're going to the ocunty fair tomorrow :-)

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