Get well soon Memphis!


Would you believe this sweet looking pup has cancer? That's my brother's (and SIL's) dog. They lucked out and got her into a cancer trial so all the dog's treatments and meds are going to be free. She is such a sweetie. I hope everything goes ok.

Max wasn't too sure about meeting the dogs. He normally has a grin on from ear to ear but he was unusually pensive during this photo session. My SIL, on the other hand, looks terrific. The rest of the photos from our visit up north are on my Shutterfly page (link over there to the right).

Tyler starts school next week and I've been feeling very stressed. You should see the packet of forms and junk John picked up at the school! My gosh, talk about overwhelming! He's starting kindergarten, not joining the Army for cryin' out loud! And in all that mess, there isn't a hint about what he needs for school supplies. I could have sworn they told us at orientation that there would be a shopping list in there. I need to call the school.

Thank goodness Ty can wear shorts to school on warm days. The dress code for the school is pretty strict.

My brain feels like it's all over the place tonight. Poor Max has an ear infection and hasn't been sleeping well. That means *I* haven't been sleeping. The sad thing is we just got home from a little vacation, but I don't feel at all relaxed.

Hopefully I'll get this collection of disposable cameras off to be developed soon so I have more photos to post. Yes, like a dummy I forgot to recharge my camera after our visit to the Grands and the battery died on the first day of our summer jaunt to Great Wolf Lodge. Jeez Louise I haven't used real film in YEARS. This should be interesting.



Emily Suess said…
Not sleeping is the worst. Hope Max kicks that infection soon so you both can get some rest!
Jo Beaufoix said…
Poor dog.

Hope Max has a good first day at school.
Chris said…
First day of school just next week? Damn....Trev's been in school for going on his 3rd week!

Here's to you Memphis !
My computer is working again! I have missed you! Max is HUGE...he isgrowing so fast...
Anonymous said…
we have school starting wednesday....ahh poor poochie. ours is doing okay since the surgery...sorry it's been so long since my last visit....hope all is welll. netti
BosieLadie said…
OMG! How fortunate for Memphis that they are able to do the cancer trails. Hope it goes well.
Anonymous said…
If your sister's dog has cancer in any of it's legs, tell her to strongly consider amputation. We didn't amputate and our dog only lived about six months after that. It was awful bandaging his leg day in and day out. I won't go into details because it's not for the faint of heart. I hope he's feeling well soon. Chemo, by the way, doesn't seem to effect dogs the same way it does humans. He'll probably act completely normal.

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