Test Results

Tyler's results came in and all is not well. We are trying not to panic just yet since we won't have any real answers until Tyler sees a specialist. We're off to a pediatric urologist on August 2nd.

In a nut shell, they saw something off with his left kidney. The scary test came back normal...this discovery of dilation in his left kidney and ureter was made via the ultrasound Tyler had before the VCUG test. I guess the good news is they didn't find any reflux, masses or stones.

The bad news is we just don't know anything else. Until we know more, please keep my little guy in your thoughts. He REALLY doesn't want to see any more doctors, and I can't blame him. Poor kid. :-(


Robbie said…
I'm sorry to read this. I hope for the best for all of you.
Cynthia said…
OH, Becky, I am so sorry. All of you are in my prayers.
Shari said…
Becky, you are all in my prayers! Give Tyler a huge hug from me!
Anonymous said…
I sure hope Tyler is feeling better today. We will keep him in our prayers.
Sara said…
Oh Becky, your poor wee man :o( Of course he and you and John are all in my thoughts. Hugest (((((((((())))))))))'s to you m'dear. Keep us informed won't you.

Love Ty's cheeky grin in the next entry, glad he had a good day with his Dad after all those horrible nasty tests.
Sara xxx
Hugs to Ty. Keep us updated, I hope it's nothing serious.
I'm sorry that you still don't know-how incredibly hard for all of you. I will be thinking of you all. Margo
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, Becky, but I'll keep Ty in my thoughts and hope for the best.

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