John and Tyler had a fun father/son day out yesterday. They went and checked out the Mt. Olive carnival. From what I heard, Tyler had a total blast! He used to love the kiddie rides, but now his favorite thing to do is run through the Fun House over and over and over again. This carnival just happened to have TWO Fun Houses to play in. Ty was in heaven.

To finish the day off with a bang, Ty won two gold fish at one of the game booths. Meet "Sonic" and "Tails". Their new home on Tyler's shelf isn't very roomy. I think we will be making a trip to PetSmart today to buy the fishies a new, more spacious, home.


Anonymous said…
Praying for Ty. He look so happy in that pic. And I know you could use some hugs so I am sending you a ton.
IndigoSunMoon said…
I always loved to go to the carnival when I was little! Too much fun!!!
Donna. W said…
I love carnivals. I plan to spend 2 or 3 days at our state fair with my two granddaughters... AGAIN. Cliff hauls us down there and sets up the camper, then returns home and works as usual. He's not as wild about the fair as I am.
Astaryth said…
I've been playing catch-up after my unplanned long abscence... so, here goes:

1. Keeping Tyler in my thoughts... I've got everything I can cross crossed that all is easily remedied. {Oh, and tell the little guy I don't like the Dr's either!}

2. Wow.. talk about right time, right place... I'm so happy that your search for your birthmother is going along so smoothly!

3. Lovin' all the Tyler playing pics... He looks especially cute and tuff all decked out for his martial arts classes.

I'm sure there was other stuff I wanted to comment on... but my memory starts to go after a couple of entries.
Anonymous said…
sonic and tails? this is all I hear about around here....oh my, someone must be into the game or cartoon, like someone around here is...oh they would be fast friends if they ever met!! netti
Tyler looks so happy. I wish a carnival would make us all that way. Hugs to you as you work through each day.Margo

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