It's Show Time!

A very talented friend of mine recently sent Tyler a very cool gift. Check out Tyler's new doorway puppet theater! Heather has a home based business where she makes hand crafted items for babies and kids. She is famous for her elegant slings, but she is adding new stuff all the time. (The puppet theater is located in the Clothing section of her website.)

This thing is so cool! It's got a telescoping rod through the top that's like a mini shower curtain rod and can be sized for different doorways. Ty's been having so much fun with it that I broke down and bought him a whole bunch of new puppets from The Oriental Trading Company (a dozen for $ can't beat that!)

For your viewing pleasure, here is an original Tyler production.


Holly said…
"the end"...How adorable!!!

two thumbs up! ;)
Anonymous said…
Aww I just loved it. Very cute indeed : )
Shari said…
He looks like he is having so much fun Becky!
Liz said…
{{{Becky & Ty}}} That was just too darn cute! YAY...we get to see Ty in action!!!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Sara said…
Yay Tyler!!
Am clapping, can you hear me?
Sooo cute :o)
Sara x
V said…

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