"My name is Beldar. I am from France."

Poor kitty. He lost the family jewels yesterday. He had to be coned because he was licking himself too much. I'm feeling very sorry for him and a touch guilty too.

But he just launched himself up onto my desk and knocked over my glass of milk... So I guess I shouldn't feel TOO badly. He sure isn't acting like he just had surgery yesterday! Sheesh! So much for the hope that this would mellow him out a bit.

Back to watching him try to act normal with a big old cone on his head. It's pretty amusing entertainment, actually.


Shari said…
Poor Sparty! My cat was a real bastard when he had his done. He actually got my mother to feel so bad for him that she would hand feed him while he sat in her lap. This never did stop when the cone came off, and led to a spoiled and overweight demon cat that would only be nice to her. Sorry for my rant, lol. Moral of the story dotn hand feed him while he has a cone on his head ;)
poor guy... but I bet your tv reception is better :):):)
Laura said…
awww poor spartacus!!!
but if he is like our kitty, you will continue to pay....muhahahahaha!!!!
I can't believe how big he is!
TJ said…
Holy CatShot! That is just to funny but I am sure it works. Wonder if they make a man shield?
V said…
The poor guy! Yikes!!
cute pictures! And kudos to you for being a responsible pet owner.
Rose DesRochers said…
Ahh poor thing.
Jod{i} said…
LOL...Yes I chuckle at this...My hubby read it and he winced! LOL
Just the image of Men walking
Never said I wasnt quirky!
Gail in MN said…
I should feel very sorry for your dear kitty, but my 2 kitties are on a torment-the-human rampage today, so I'm afraid I have no sympathy for any feline at the moment......
Anonymous said…
LMAO about your conehead cat. That's only because your pics/entry cracked me up.
BosieLadie said…
((((Sparty)))) He'll be happier and healthier. Can't believe that little tiny kitten you found on the road is to big and beautiful now! Glad you kept him.

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