What's on your bookshelves?

Your Monday Photo Assignment: Show us what's in your bookshelf right now.

I hope you all can see and read the text on this. This is a good sampling of what is on my various bookshelves. What am I reading right now? Here is my nightstand:

A little "Od Magic" and that ugly box? That contains a draft of my friend Karen's first two books. This is what I am currently reading. I read by Itty Bitty Booklight just before I fall asleep each night. Some nights I can read more pages than others before my eyes get heavy (or the husband complains about the light in his eyes). I really should get to bed earlier so I'll have more time for reading. Really. I should.


V said…

Those Easton Press books look so...so... respectable! You hardly ever see high quality bindings on sf and fantasy, outside of maybe Tolkien and Lovecraft. So what are the titles?

I do all my reading at bedtime also. You know the result: not enough sleep!

Shari said…
Wow! Holy books batman!
I usually do my reading at night too. But I have to say when I am done, unless i REALLY loved the book, I pass it on to a friend or relative and never see it again. I'm cool with it though!
I have to day that our book shelves only contain Dr. Suess, lol! Kids books are all I keep on hand here.

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